After backlash from the community, Respawn Entertainment has reverted the changes to the Evo Armour health.

10:40, 04 Sep 2020

Apex Legends Season 6 was met with mixed reactions from the fanbase, with many people finding the changes to the armour to be erroneous.

The changes to the armour in Season 6 saw all ordinary armour be revived from the game, with only Evo armour available now, with a revamped health system. 

The Evo armours were first brought in during Season 4, and accumulate health through how much damage is caused by the player wearing it. Causing damage would see players upgrade their armours through the tiers, eventually coming out with a red Evo Shield and 225 points of health. However, each threshold to upgrade the shields was reduced by 25 in Season 6, rapidly increasing the time-to-kill rate, to players dismay.

Respawn has since announced that the shields health values will be reverting to the pre Season 6 values, after a huge community backlash.

The changes to revert to the old health values will be rolling out today across all platforms.

In a blog post on the official Apex Legends site, Design Director, Jason McCord, explained the decision behind this, stating: "With the introduction of the Evo Armor change, we saw (in our internal playtests) that players were achieving Red Armor (125 shields) more often, and more players were fighting at 225 total health. This started to swing the battles more than we liked, and good players were able to outplay teams more consistently, even if the enemy had worked for a much better position. By lowering the armour values, we felt we had adjusted for the Red Armor availability more than anything else.

"We are always striving to improve the experience in Apex Legends. Experimentation is an essential part of that. We won't always get things right, but it's important for us to listen and correct things when we don't".

This bodes well for the future, knowing that Respawn Entertainment are listening to the fans and player base, and changing things that have a drastically negative effect on the popular battle royale.

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Images via EA | Respawn Entertainment

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