Fortnite x Doctor Who collab reportedly delayed

Fortnite x Doctor Who collab reportedly delayed
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Tom Chapman


27th Jun 2023 10:46

It sounds like Epic Games has shouted "exterminate" on its much-hyped Doctor Who least for now. While the battle royale behemoth that is Fortnite is known for its high-profile collaborations, the blue box of the Doctor has seemingly been lost in space.

The likes of Marvel, Star Wars, and DC are always popping up in the item shop and jumping off the Battle Bus for in-game crossovers, but as one of the biggest IPs out there, we're amazed it's taken this long to hear the signature sound of the TARDIS. Sadly, the Fortnite x Doctor Who crossover might've been delayed.

Has the Fortnite x Doctor Who collab been delayed?

Although Fortnite leaks are usually on the money, remember that we still haven't had that Family Guy crossover with the Peter Griffin skin. Still, with 2023 celebrating 60 years of Doctor Who, it would be the perfect time to boot up the Sonic Screwdriver.

According to the trusted FNBRintel, Epic has postponed its proposed Doctor Who crossover from November to December, or possibly even early 2024. This reportedly comes as the gaming giant prioritises its proposed LEGO crossover - seemingly taking the November slot.

We previously had a Doctor Who crossover, although players were disappointed that it was just an island in Creative. The BBC is rolling out a series of specials instead of a full-blown series in 2023, so it will be disappointing if Fortnite misses out on the celebrations.

What's in the rumoured Fortnite x Doctor Who collab?

With Doctor Who being so massive, we can expect a suitably humungous crossover. In April, iFireMonkey had a surprisingly detailed leak that outlined a two-week Doctor Who event that includes free cosmetics and others appearing in the shop.

Unsurprisingly, the focus is David Tenant's Fourteenth Doctor, as well as Matt Smith's Fifteen. There's also a TARDIS glider and Psychic Paper emote. In terms of the freebies, there could be a Time Vortex contrail and a Sonic Screwdriver emote sure to lure us into Fortnite

As for in-game, there might be outposts manned by UNITE personnel armed with sci-fi weapons. We're reminded a lot of the recent Star Wars crossover with the Stormtrooper bases. With Ncuti Gatwa taking over as the Doctor, it would also be a great time to ease him into the role with something as big as Fortnite.

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