Doctor Who 60th-anniversary event reportedly coming to Fortnite

Doctor Who 60th-anniversary event reportedly coming to Fortnite
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Joseph Kime


17th Apr 2023 15:00

Doctor Who and video games have never really gelled in the way that they should. The ability to travel through time and space - with hosts of alien baddies to face down, should make for a banger of a game - but with every attempt has come a sordid failure.

Sure, the Doctor Who portion of LEGO Dimensions was a charming treat for fans, and the ongoing rumours of a full LEGO Doctor Who game remain a huge source of excitement. Still, we're yet to see the Time Lord make a landing in video games that makes the splash that the series deserves.

But it looks like that could all be about to change. Is Fortnite getting a Doctor Who crossover to celebrate the show's 60th anniversary?

Doctor Who's 60th anniversary Fortnite event rumoured

It has been reported by one of the more reputable Fortnite leakers on Twitter, iFireMonkey, that an official anniversary event for Doctor Who could be on the way.

"Based on what I'm aware of, this would be a two week-long event in-game (using an event tab similar to Most Wanted or the Dragon Ball event) featuring a set of free rewards for completing challenges as well as item shop cosmetics," the account claims when addressing a union between Epic Games and the BBC.

They maintain that the item shop would come packed with two skins, two pickaxes, a glider and an emote, and there would be a Beep the Meep Spray as a reward for checking out a creative map that is supposedly in the works.

It's not quite the same as seeing new weapons like the current Attack on Titan crossover, but it's better than nothing. It's still massively exciting for fans of the sci-fi series - especially as the last event was a bit pants.

Doctor Who has been in Fortnite before

Doctor Who Fortnite crossover
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Some may remember that Doctor Who has actually come to the island before, with an event that actually let down a lot of fans.

In March 2022, we heard about a Doctor Who event that we assumed would be like what's described above. What fans actually got were a series of creative maps designed by BBC Studios, with a TARDIS to explore and a giant Cyberman poking out of the ground.

It was cool, but when players are begging for a David Tennant skin, it's no surprise that it'd come as a disappointment. Who knows - maybe Ten himself is on the way to the Fortnite shop as we speak.

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