Fortnite streamer Tfue pursues Warzone after aim assist complaints

Fortnite streamer Tfue pursues Warzone after aim assist complaints
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Mackenzie O Brien


3rd Jun 2020 16:00

Popular streamer Tfue built his career on Fortnite, becoming the most popular Fortnite Twitch streamer to date. The battle royale brought the Florida-based streamer a lot of fame and income, as he won tournament after tournament. However, throughout Tfue's career, one thing has been for certain: he always speaks his mind and he never silences himself.

This rung true when he broke his contract with FaZe Clan, leaving Los Angeles to return to Indian Rocks Beach, Florida with his father and brothers. The streamer values speaking his mind over making contract and sponsorship deals, which is why he is on his own now, rather than working with FaZe or another gaming organization.

Tfue heads out on his own

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In fact, Tfue used his fallout with FaZe to warn players with lower subscriber counts to be wary of unfair contract terms and conditions. On May 20, 2019, Tfue stated that he was looking to pursue legal action against FaZe. Tfue had claimed that FaZe took over 80% of his earnings. FaZe responded that they only made $60,000 off of the streamer, which is only 20% of the streamer's earnings, but these exact figures are debatable.

Whether his audience watches him for his fame with FaZe clan or his Fortnite streams and videos, one thing is for certain: his attitude and ability to speak his mind freely keep them hooked. This is especially true now that the game that brought Tfue fame has been making him upset.

Tfue even speaks his mind when it comes to Fortnite, the game that helped make him famous. Tfue has not held back in delivering the smackdown on Fortnite's aim assist, a feature that gives controller players, no matter their skill level, an advantage over keyboard and mouse players. It helps controller players get a more precise shot than their keyboard and mouse counterparts, which can cause long-time Fortnite players and competitors to lose to less-experienced controller players.

Aim assist cannot be removed from the game completely, as it makes playing with a controller possible in the first place, however, many streamers are suggesting that the feature be significantly nerfed so that it doesn't overpower controller players. Until aim assist gets tweaked or significantly downgraded, veteran players and streamers consider controller play "cheating," as it detracts from the experience keyboard and mouse players might be having, as even their skill seems to take a hit against the feature.

For this reason, Tfue has been taking a break from Fortnite gameplay to focus on the growing Battle Royale, Call of Duty: Warzone, instead. In several tweets, Tfue has stated that he is not leaving Fortnite permanently, rather taking a break due to his frustration with aim assist and Epic's inability to address it. Recently, Tfue has streamed several sessions of Fortnite, however, this is more than he had done previously, as up until last week, he had almost exclusively been playing Warzone.

Even Tfue's fans wanted to see more Warzone from the streaming star. In a May 19 Twitter poll, 72% of over 112,000 voters wanted to see more Warzone content and only 28% did not. Shortly after this poll, Tfue tweeted out that he was happier after not playing Fortnite for a little bit, a sentiment that seemed to reflect the general consensus on his poll. Even after winning the first heat of FNCS in the NA-East bracket with Scope, another streamer, Tfue still seems hesitant to fully jump back into Fortnite.

With Season 3 quickly approaching on June 11, only time will tell if Tfue's break from Fortnite will take as long as some fans are projecting. With his small return to Fortnite in his past two Twitch streams, however, it seems like the streamer might be delving back into the battle royale. He has made his stance on the aim assist feature extremely clear and it is up to Epic Games to take his and the many other disappointed Fortnite players' word and tweak the feature.

On May 20, Epic Games announced that PC Controller tweaking would take place in the future, however, they didn't want to impact players participating in the FNCS Invitational Finals. Tfue joked with his audience on Twitter that this announced change might have been due to his recent streams of Warzone. By May 26, Tfue was back to dunking on Fortnite, announcing his scepticism that aim assist would actually be fixed and joking that the aim assist controller feature was for "little kids."

In a stream just before Tfue's dive into the world of Warzone, the streamer was quoted as saying:

"I don't care what anyone says. In my eyes, Fortnite is not a competitive game... and you are not a pro player, because this game does not have a competitive side to it. Competitive Fortnite is not a thing. It's made up. It's not real. If you're a competitive player, you're living in fantasy land."

These complaints are due to controller SMG-spam and aim assist being a thing, as it makes the game feel less competitive and more rigged to keyboard and mouse players. Many big-name Fortnite streamers and competitors share a similar sentiment, as controller players are the biggest nuisance to skilled Fortnite players.

Since the aim-assist feature makes it so easy for beginner or lower-skilled players to get precise shots, the feature has been deemed overpowered and many Fortnite players are growing tired of playing and are waiting for the feature to be tweaked or changed completely. At this juncture, Tfue seems like the voice of the disgruntled Fortnite community, despite the fact that he has stated that he just wants to be himself and do his own thing.

With the streamer's peek into the world of Warzone, only time will tell if Tfue is simply fed up with Fortnite and needs a small break to bring back his love for the game or if this change is a permanent one. Several things are for certain, however; Tfue has been recently streaming Fortnite, which means that he has not quit the game forever and Season 3 is just around the corner (with the Device event happening on June 6th and the Season 3 kick-off starting on the 11th).

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It seems like Tfue is just turning to social media and his streams to vent frustrations he has with the game in general, a game that he has spent a lot of time playing and has an attachment to. It makes sense that a game so close to the core of this streamer can irritate him sometimes. With massive changes coming to Fortnite in the coming weeks, players might see controller play and aim assist being tweaked to make the game fair to all players, which might make Tfue return to Fortnite for good, even if he chooses to continue Warzone on the side.

Mackenzie is a Freelance Journalist at GGRecon, she has experience in the social media side to the gaming industry.

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