Fortnite Creative players are earning $10 million per year

Fortnite Creative players are earning $10 million per year
Images: Epic Games

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Jack Marsh


2nd Jun 2023 15:54

Since Fortnite Creative 2.0 landed, the boundaries of imagination have been pushed to their limits. 

Originally, the game mode was a catalyst for players to place their most-beloved IPs into the game, such as Call of Duty maps and Elden Ring missions. Still, following a number of copyright issues, Epic Games urged players to be more "creative" and think of their own designs.

To nobody's surprise, that's exactly what has happened, and now Creative map designers are getting paid. And I mean getting paid.

Fortnite Creative designers are earning up to $10 million a year

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With Creative mode flourishing, Epic Games released an Economy system that rewarded its designers for keeping players on Fortnite, with statistics such as player retention being used to give the designers a good payout.

Now though it has been revealed that there are hundreds of Fortnite Creative map designers that are earning a fortune, with the top five creators earning over $10 million per year.

From the mouths of Epic themselves, five players are projected to make over $10 million this fiscal year from Creative 2.0, with over 370 players making over $100,000 too.

Fortnite Creative Island Designers are making a fortune

The most impactful Fortnite Creative designers are physically flexing out the Make It Rain emote in their own homes, as thousands of players have been earning cash through the Unreal Engine block placer. 

Of course, Creative 2.0 has only just launched, so the designers haven't actually earned $10 million yet, but they have earned the equivalent month's pay that this yearly salary would reflect.

The statistic may just be a projection for now, but this is already much higher than what most of the content creators get through the support-a-creator program, meaning you might want to swap to map making rather than fragging if you're wanting to make a living from the game.

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