Classic Call of Duty zombies map rebuilt in Fortnite

Classic Call of Duty zombies map rebuilt in Fortnite
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21st Mar 2023 17:22

Are you a fan of Call of Duty and its army of the undead? Are you a fan of Fortnite? If so, you'll love this new map introduced to Fortnite's Creative Mode. An enthusiastic group of Fortnite creators have brought Treyarch's brain-hungry hordes to the battle royale favourite. 

Many gamers love how Fortnite's Creative Mode allows them to build new maps and make their own levels to play out potential multiplayer scenarios. Released on December 6 2018, Creative quickly became a fan favourite for Fortnite players, as they could fight their friends on custom maps which had never been seen before! 

Which Call of Duty Zombies map is in Fortnite?

It's become a recurring trend that fans are building their favourite Zombies maps in Fortnite, so it was only a matter of time until the beloved TranZit got its time to shine.

The famous bus depot map appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II but has been recreated by EternityFNC in Fortnite. The group describes itself as "a small team of passionate creators." This TranZit map took Eternity seven months of non-stop work to create.

The original Call Of Duty TranZit map first appeared in 2012 and is loved by fans because it brought in some useful gameplay additions, such as useful buildables like the Zombie Shield.

Just like the OG, Fortnite's TranZit map has plenty of Easter eggs to keep you always entertained and enjoy playing. If you want to play the Zombies crossover, type the code 1982-5732-0569 into Fortnite’s Creative Mode section menu.

What's next for Call of Duty Zombies?

With Treyarch working on the mysterious Call of Duty 2024, it looks like we're going in hard on Zombies. A recent job listing suggests Outbreak will be back, but we're keen to see how the Gulf War-themed game will fit zombies into its narrative. 

Ever since World at War introduced zombies to the CoDverse, fans have loved the marriage between Call of Duty's bullet-flinging action and the shambling undead. While we still haven't had that rumoured Zombies standalone, it's clear the devs are burying their rotting masses anytime soon. 

As for Fortnite, gamers will be pleased to know there is a new version of Creative set to come out on March 22nd 2023. This mode will take Fortnite maps and challenges to another level, so we're excited to see what the likes of EternityFNC will release next. 

Written by James Gorstridge

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