Fortnite Creative players have already made GTA' Grove Street, Elden Ring quests & Flappy Bird

Fortnite Creative players have already made GTA' Grove Street, Elden Ring quests & Flappy Bird
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Jack Marsh


24th Mar 2023 11:20

Fortnite creators have been moving quickly. Extremely quickly. Less than 24 hours after Creative 2.0 was launched, fans have already begun to whip up some magical designs.

The second iteration of Creative has been launched on Fortnite, and what used to be a simple 1v1 playground has now branched out to have endless possibilities.

Now, creators have harnessed their nostalgia, gaming inspiration, and Minecraft-like talent to begin recreating some of gaming’s best locations, all to host a Fortnite match.

Fortnite creators are racing to create iconic OG map design

It's inevitable that the first place Fortnite players wanted to visit was indeed Fortnite, although casting your mind back to 2019, how much better was the old Tilted Towers?

Well, thanks to Creative 2.0, players are racing to recreate the map, spanning across it with a fine toothcomb so players can finally relive the golden age.

Of course, the meta isn't as clunky as it was back then, and the weapons have moved on quite a bit since the days of Tac Shotty's and Boogie Bombs, but the map design can house more than just the vanilla gunplay.

Grove Street, Flappy Bird, and Elden Ring have been recreated in Fortnite Creative 2.0

The parameters of Fortnite creativity span much wider than just regurgitated maps, no matter how nostalgic they are.

Instead, players are now recreating some of the most recognisable places in gaming history, including Grand Theft Auto's Grove Street. "Ah s**t, here we go again..."

You can even play small mini-games in the Creative worlds too, as the mobile sensation Flappy Bird has also made its way into Fortnite.

Arguably the best crossover yet though comes in the form of the Open World adaptation similar to Elden Ring, where giant dragons are serving as boss creatures, with Fortnite characters wielding swords and bows instead of guns.

What’s next for Creative 2.0 is impossible to tell, but with only imagination as the limit, who’s to say we won’t be running through Hogwarts’ Slytherin dungeons with a double-pump shotgun?

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