First PSVR 2 Details Leaked From Sony

First PSVR 2 Details Leaked From Sony
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5th Aug 2021 10:30

The PSVR 2 has been a long time coming. PlayStation’s dive into VR was a successful one, offering players their way into the worlds of DOOM and Resident Evil in the most immersive way and taking it all the way to the bank, too. VR is an expensive and often inaccessible way to experience your favourite game worlds, but PlayStation did it right, especially for PlayStation users.

Fans have been eagerly been awaiting details on the VR system’s sequel, and while the full reveal of the immersive headset could be a way off, we’ve had some details leak via Sony themselves that gives more than enough of a reason to get excited.

Sony Leaks PSVR 2 Details To YouTuber

YouTuber PSVR Without Parole has made a video that assures his viewers he’s seen insider info regarding the upcoming PSVR headset.

He indicates that the new information comes from a “closed-door summit for potential PSVR 2 developers”, that he has seen, and reveals the details of the upcoming VR operating system.

PSVR 2’s Headset

PSVR Details Leaked To YouTuber
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First off, the add-on isn’t yet being referred to as the PSVR 2 as it has been known in fan circles. Instead, it’s being regarded as ‘NGVR’, which stands for Next-Gen VR.

The lenses of the headset use Fresnel OLED screens which are 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, making the display equivalent to a 4K HDR display, with a 110 degree FOV.

The hardware is capable of Flexible scaling and puts eye-tracking to good use. The rumours of haptics in the headset are true, which will aid in immersion and also do wonders for the innovation of motion sickness reduction, which has been a big problem in VR communities since the gaming style was introduced.

PSVR 2’s Controllers

PSVR Details Leaked To YouTuber
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The controllers still don’t have an official name, but the pair will be bundled in with the headset as standard.

They will have adapted triggers as were previously rumoured, but they will also have capacitive touch sensors for the thumb, index and middle finger. PlayStation has described this as “analog”, as it can detect how far from the sensors your fingers actually are, which will give developers a lot of opportunities to experiment with how players interact with their environments and items in their vicinity.

PSVR 2’s Games

PSVR Details Leaked To YouTuber
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They also spoke on games, and how controversially, they’re looking to move away from exclusively VR experiences, and that they want to bring the experience of AAA titles truly into the first person. They’re looking to experiment with hybrid games, meaning they want a seamless transition between any game between the flatscreen and the PSVR 2. These games should give the player the chance to download only what they need, meaning you could just download the VR version of a game if you wanted, but the focus here is on the versatility of play.

It was mentioned that they were looking at remastering some games from the original PSVR, meaning that it’s unlikely many games will be cross-platform with the two VR consoles.

When Will The PSVR 2 Be Revealed?

The console was not officially revealed in this conference, but details of a peek at the console were indeed revealed. It is suggested that the launch details of the PSVR 2 are coming in early 2022.

This is quite a while to wait, but given everything that PlayStation is working on with this VR add-on, it’s fair. 

We don’t yet know what sort of experiences the PSVR 2 will bring, but either way, we’re very excited to see it. These details are incredibly promising, and the headset could be the best way to experience VR on the market. Roll on early 2022!


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