Fan Completes 'Impossible' $20,000 Halo Challenge

Fan Completes 'Impossible' $20,000 Halo Challenge
Bungie | YouTube - Mo1stKr1TiKaL

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Joseph Kime


5th Aug 2022 10:12

Not too long ago, a challenge was proposed. Streamer and newly-inducted esports legend Cr1TiKaL wanted to see if anyone could make their way through Halo 2 on its hardest difficulty - with all of its challenge modifying skulls applied and without dying.

It was a challenge that fans figured would be worth the attempt, but that was until it was actually tried. Because nobody in history has recorded a run like it. Cr1TiKaL offered a $5k reward to anyone who could manage it, and as nobody came forward with a run that fit the parameters, he upped the ante. It was only when he brought the reward to $20k that he caught some attention.

Has Someone Finished Cr1TiKaL's Halo 2 Challenge?

And now, someone has finally toppled the challenge. It's happened. Oh my god, it's happened. The streamer known as Jervalin has come forward with a stream that proves his mettle in Halo 2.

Jervalin has uploaded the full run to YouTube as he tears through the 2004 game, as hard as it can be, without dying once. The run is insanely impressive, and it lasts a whopping six and a half hours, And so ends the incredible saga of streamers attempting the challenge before having the floor wiped with them in the face of grunts and needle-fire.

As a result of beating the challenge, Jervalin's follower count on Twitch has leapt from 6,000 to 32,000, while he has been absolutely rolling in subscriptions and donations too. Carrying the legacy of completing the "impossible" Halo 2 challenge is quite something, but heavy is the head that wears the crown.


Cr1TiKaL Reacts To The Completed Halo Challenge

Cr1TiKaL revealed the success of the run to many with the release of his video aptly titled "It's Finally Finished," in which he commends Jervalin for his successes. "A big thank you to everyone that ran this, and a huge thank you to the community that really made this something way beyond what we could have possibly expected," he says. "I had a great, great time with this whole bounty challenge."

It's sweet to see so many people come together to beat a record that has been 18 years in the making - and especially sweet to see a streamer come away from it $20k richer. So then Cr1TiKaL, we guess it's Halo 3 next, then?

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