DMZ introduces bounties to stifle kill-hunters, but players embrace it

DMZ introduces bounties to stifle kill-hunters, but players embrace it
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


13th Jul 2023 16:12

When DMZ first launched, it was pushed as an extraction shooter that was to rival, but not be compared to, games such as Escape from Tarkov, where the expectations were that players would be much more tactile in their looting around Al Mazrah before trying to take down squads and exfil from Al Mazrah with the lion's share of the loot.

However, this quickly became a smaller version of a battle royale, as blood-hungry players circled around their prey like sharks, waiting for objectives to be completed before swooping in to kill them and snipe their rewards.

Now, the developers are putting blocks in place to dissuade these dominant players from being too aggressive, and instead making them earn their loot the old-fashioned way.

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode adds bounties on kill-thirsty players


The thing with DMZ is that there are solo players who want to enjoy the fruits of the game mode, but will often be bullied by full squads, ruining their fun. 

So, in a bid to even the playing field, Infinity Ward has announced a bounty system that will highlight players who have "too many kills", which will permanently reveal their location and offers a $10,000 (per person) reward to squads that kill them.

"If a Player and their Squad kill too many Players in DMZ, that high-kill individual Player will be issued a warning. If they kill another Player, they can expect a Bounty on their head," reads the official Call of Duty blog.

DMZ players relish bounties for getting kills

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Although the idea initially saw a bit of pushback from some players, the DMZ community has actually relished this to make for a more competitive and tactical extraction, where you either have to cherry-pick your kills efficiently or face the consequences.

"This is a good change," claimed one die-hard DMZ fan. "I’m a big PVPer in DMZ but I’ve always said after you wipe like 2 teams, the next team would ping you on the map for everyone to see. There has to be some risk to slaying everyone you see in a game that also has the mission element to it."

Another blood-lustful DMZ fan said, "As someone who routinely demolishes players in the DMZ, I look forward to this. Come and get your bounty."

Others are also clearly relishing the opportunity to be the king of the hill, adding, "That's a fun challenge," and "Sounds like a dare."

For DMZ soloists specifically, this should make your extractions somewhat more feasible, and if you really want to be the slayer of the Al Mazrah, then do so by wearing the status like a badge of honour.

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