DMZ Players Are Roleplaying Campaign Missions To Make It More Interesting

DMZ Players Are Roleplaying Campaign Missions To Make It More Interesting
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Jack Marsh


11th Jan 2023 16:54

Ghost and Soap are franchise icons, almost superlatively surpassing Captain Price in status after the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

Over the years, the duo has paired to take down some of the most fearsome threats to life that the Call of Duty franchise has thrown up - most recently sweeping through the streets of Mexico to avoid Grave's hunting pack and sharing quite a laugh on the way.

Now, the bromance is working its way into fans' hearts, and they all want a piece of the pie.

Why Are DMZ Players Roleplaying As Ghost And Soap?

Call of Duty's DMZ mode has been a slow burner too, but after the initial Warzone 2 hype has died down, players are now giving it a bit more care and are enjoying the extraction-based game mode.

Gamers are now enjoying DMZ so much, they're even using it to roleplay with their favourite characters, acting like Soap and Ghost to take down Strongholds and recreate the classic campaign missions.

The TikTok pair sweep the stronghold, with Ghost serving as the sniper support from a distance and Soap being the on-ground brute force. They use a walkie-talkie-type of communication, live pings, and typically CoD-ified callout.

DMZ Role-Playing Takes Inspiration From Classic CoD Missions

The moves also take inspiration from a range of Call of Duty campaign missions. The sniper support is akin to the likes of Modern Warfare 2 (2022)'s All Ghillied Up sequel "Recon By Fire" and the OG MW2 stealth mission "Contingency".

Others noted that the directions, such as, "Go behind the crate," is like the mission where both Soap and Ghost use cameras and stealth to break Alejandro and his men out of prison.

With the pair using the tactics deployed in campaign missions, other fans love the chemistry. One TikTokker said, "This is exactly how I would like to play video games".

So, if this isn't a sign to go and garb your duo partner and harness a bit of Task Force 141, then we don't know what is... 

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