Infinity Ward Hates DMZ Being Compared To Escape From Tarkov

Infinity Ward Hates DMZ Being Compared To Escape From Tarkov
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Jack Marsh


15th Nov 2022 16:10

It looks like we're about to get one rocky experience when the highly-anticipated DMZ mode launches in conjunction with Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.

After being slammed as a "disappointing" and buggy experience by Shroud, the developers quickly backtracked to branding DMZ as a "beta," and now, they're rubbishing any competitor comparisons.

Call of Duty fans were sold a "dangerous, diverse and deep open world experience" by Infinity Ward, with this extraction-heavy sandbox mode set to really test the minerals that the franchise had to offer. 

Set to be a slow-paced and tactical game mode built in the same genre as Escape From Tarkov, the comparisons between the two have quickly poured in. 

Streamers Claim Infinity Ward Asked Them To Stop Comparing DMZ TO Escape From Tarkov

Tarkov proves to be the benchmark that DMZ will be scored. However, Call of Duty devs have now reportedly told content creators to stop comparing the mode to its popular competitor titles, as it's trying to be its own thing.

A large selection of streamers were once again given the chance to experience the next Call of Duty modes and games early, with DMZ and Warzone 2 being the main focus. While the content creators gathered at IW HQ, the devs had a stern message regarding the DMZ comparisons.

According to Tarkov streamer "Lvndmark," Infinity Ward demanded that no comparisons were to be made to DMZ. He said, "The first f**king thing they said to us was, 'The internet thinks we tried to make Escape From Tarkov, but we did not".

He further added that Infinity Ward told content creators to, "Stop comparing it. It's not trying to be [Tarkov], at all."

MW2's DMZ Mod Is 'Not Tarkov'

Although a large majority of fans genuinely want a Tarkov-inspired game mode, it appears that Shroud was correct when he claimed DMZ is "more CoD".

After also playing the game, Lvndmark echoed that sentiment, although he did add that if you set aside the preconceived comparison to Tarkov, DMZ could be fun.

"Honestly, a lot of people in this community d**k ride the f**k out of [Tarkov], and anything that isn't this game they just hate for no reason. Simply for the fact that it’s not Tarkov. Other things can be fun and can be different," he said.

Well, if you were hoping for a slow-paced tactical and progressive exfil game, DMZ might not be your cup of tea after all. But, you'll play it anyway, as Infinity Ward is offering bribes.

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