DMZ Players Are Baiting Enemies With Fake Proximity Noises

DMZ Players Are Baiting Enemies With Fake Proximity Noises
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Jack Marsh


4th Jan 2023 16:06

Unlike other elements of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2's DMZ mode relies quite heavily on being nice to strangers - at least if you want a chance of exfiltrating successfully. 

The extraction-based game mode pushes players to communicate in-game to breach and clear rooms efficiently and come out of tough battles unscathed. But it's even harder when another team is lurking in the silence.

Yet the newly-added proximity chat adds a new level to communication and can now serve as the perfect decoy.

DMZ Players Are Using Fake Revive Noises to Trick Proximity Chat

Using the proximity chat to their advantage, one DMZ player has showcased a brand-new array of tactics thanks to the in-game comms, and the clip has gone viral.

Whilst amid a fight, Reddit user "ZappaBeefheart" used a soundboard to play the revive sound down the mic.

This baited enemies nearby as a tactic that resulted in them successfully making the enemy come back to check the downed player. They were met with a one-way ticket to the main menu.

The Redditor also has a cheeky way of flushing away enemies too, confessing: "When I want them to leave, I play the 'Enemy UAV overhead' sound."

DMZ Players Hail Fake Revive Noises As 'Genius'

With the revive sound being incredibly successful, fans have praised the player for using the proximity chat to their advantage, taking the tactics of a tactical shooter to a whole new level.

"Holy sh*t this is the smartest thing I've seen on the subreddit so far. I'm actually stealing this idea," one fan claimed. "This is genius, honestly! That's easily the smartest thing I have seen," added another.

A third chimed in, "F*****g A. I'm conflicted by this tactic lol." Many players have now claimed they will steal the idea, so next time you hear a revive sound in Warzone or DMZ, you might want to be more careful.

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