Infinity Ward Reverses ‘Hated’ DMZ Decision

Infinity Ward Reverses ‘Hated’ DMZ Decision
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


31st Jan 2023 11:34

After a huge onslaught of community backlash, the Call of Duty developers have decided to reverse their decision to completely wipe all DMZ players' progress when Season 2 rolls around. Well, sort of.

Infinity Ward made quite the wave when it announced that a Tarkov-like wipe would be coming to DMZ in Season 2, where players would lose all progress they've made so far.

The wipe was set to remove all contracts progress, any obtained items (keys, cards, armour plates, self-revives, and backpacks), and "Insured" weapons. However, after a rumbling in the community, the latter selection will now not be wiped.

Infinity Ward Backtracks On Insured Weapons Wipe

Despite not specifically mentioning that Insured Weapons will be wiped in their blog update, multiple media outlets claimed that the developers told them these will be a part of the resets.

But now, confirmation has come from the mouth of Infinity Ward itself, which appeared to have performed a U-turn and decided that Insured Weapon slots will not be reset in Season 2.

The Insured Weapon slots allowed DMZ players to take their own loadouts into Al Mazrah and prepare for whichever missions they were working towards.

What Is Happening With The Season 2 DMZ Wipe?

With the Insured Weapon slots now staying put - including any extra slots players earned through completing missions in Season 1 - the DMZ wipe will now mainly affect mission progress and any stored items.

Season 2 will now end all existing challenges and set everyone's inventory back to the bare minimum, where a whole new set of missions will become available and new weapon blueprints will be found as contraband within both Al Mazrah and another new map.

As for the inventory, players will have lost armour plates and backpacks anyway, considering they are being removed from the game entirely. So, get through your missions before the end of the season and you'll be primed to take on a whole new wave of AI-controlled fortresses in Season 2. 

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