Infinity Ward hints at a nighttime DMZ map

Infinity Ward hints at a nighttime DMZ map
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Jack Marsh


21st Apr 2023 17:15

As darkness has descended over the Call of Duty franchise as a whole, Infinity Ward appears to be intended to keep us there and thrive from within the shadows.

It's true that Call of Duty is struggling to shift this grey cloud of negativity over its head, with Warzone stuck between trying to recapture the glory days and building a new era, and Modern Warfare 2 being torn between casual and competitive markets.

But, it seems that darkness only leads to more opportunities. With Black Gold kicking off a nighttime thematic, the developers are looking to capitalise.

More Night-Vision Goggles content appears to be coming to DMZ

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The multiplayer map Black Gold has kicked off the trend of playing with night vision goggles or operating with flashlights in a multiplayer setting, and it's now reportedly entering Infinity Ward's mind to host a similar setting in MW2 DMZ too.

According to content creator Doug "Dagnabbit," the Modern Warfare 2 developers are tinkering with the idea of nighttime DMZ maps.

The streamer (who also founded ModernWarzone) claims that during the call between content creators and Infinity Ward themselves, the devs ruled out an "LTM" but also inferred that there is something non-daytime related in the pipeline for DMZ.

Ruling out LTMs means that the developers won't simply cast current maps into a nighttime setting, akin to Haunting of Verdansk, and will instead make something entirely new.

Infinity Ward tease nighttime DMZ modes or maps

More DMZ maps have been promised, and it seems like the developers are trying to keep the extraction-based game mode somewhat in line with Warzone 2 too. 

This doesn't necessarily mean a Warzone nighttime map is in the works, although it could be. It instead infers something akin to Building 21, where operators work in the depths of the darkness to infiltrate an AI-controlled base and escape with as much loot as possible.

It's likely that any NVG-based DMZ maps or modes would be played on a new map, rather than Black Gold, which appears too small to host such a large-scale operation.

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