DMZ experts claim season 2 nerfs ruined the game mode

DMZ experts claim season 2 nerfs ruined the game mode
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


28th Feb 2023 17:22

Since its launch, DMZ has unfortunately wilted and diluted in popularity, as the extraction shooter mode has slipped further down the pecking order in players' priorities.

With multiplayer Modern Warfare 2 fans being happily invested in the lucrative Ranked mode and Warzone 2 players enjoying the new Ashika Island map, DMZ has been the party nobody is turning up to.

Now, DMZ faithful are blaming the developers' Season 2 nerfs for the reason it couldn't kick on and become a popular spoke on the MW2 wheel.

DMZ experts blame season 2 content for its downfall

Popular DMZ Content Creator "Westie" has taken to YouTube to launch a scathing rant in the direction of the developers. It comes after Infinity Ward removed the ability to climb on top of the extracting helicopter - forcing players to all be crammed inside the loading bay, which is usually a bloodbath.

Infinity Ward sneaked this nerf into the game and hid it from the patch notes, meaning Westie claims, "They removed one of the best and most clutch features."

The content creator added, "It's unfortunate that Season 2 could have been a really good reset point for DMZ to kick start the mode, but so far, we are just playing the same semi-broken beta version of the mode with a new map and missions."

Why is DMZ failing?

According to the YouTuber, Season 2 was a catalyst for its demise, with the content on Al Mazrah not being enough to inject life into the mode, and instead nerfing some of the most exciting elements.

The game mode is still engaging enough, and Westie agrees, saying "It’s still fun to play, and there’s some really good stuff," but it falls short in terms of imagination and progression too.

Personally, we think DMZ was a victim of the (limited) success of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, having been released in beta at the same time as the battle royale. D

espite having a solid foundation, the mode was rushed out and would have better served as post-launch content for a later season, maybe even Season 3, where players had time to want something new without feeling overwhelmed by other modes.

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