Dead Space PS1 demake is completely free to play

Dead Space PS1 demake is completely free to play - Fraser Brumley | EA

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11th Apr 2023 08:36

Thank goodness the demake is in fashion. There's something about a flashback to old-school hardware that ropes players in regardless of the game itself.

The likes of Frogun and the many horrifying offerings from superstar indie devs Puppet Combo find their audiences with players that have nostalgia bursting at the seams for games they've never heard of.

It's not just new games either, with Bloodborne PSX and Bloodborne Kart developed by specialist developer b0tster smashing it too. And it looks like the trend is taking off, as a new game is getting a worthy demake.

Dead Space Demake is here

To commemorate the launch of the recent Dead Space remake that has thrilled fans across the world, one developer has taken it upon themselves to make it even scarier by stripping away its tech. Yes, EA's horror has just become even more frightening.

Building the project as a way to teach themselves how to use Unreal Engine, creator Fraser Brumley has reinvented the original Dead Space game from 2008 in the style of an original PlayStation game.

"I've been working on this for a lot longer than I planned and the end product is probably shorter than you expect but I hope you have fun playing it," reads the game's description. Still, we love what we've got so far.

Something about old tech is incredibly scary, and the creator has harnessed that incredibly well, as Isaac Clarke goes back to the gaming boom of the '90s. It shows what Dead Space could've been a decade earlier. 

Dead Space Demake is free-to-play

As if the appearance of the game wasn't exciting enough, it is now completely free to play on Windows. We're not brave enough for it, to be honest, but it's all yours if you want it.

You can download the Dead Space demake from its page and start playing right away. As EA continued to talk about a Dead Space 2 remake, we can only hope the lauded sequel will also get a demake. There are horrors waiting for you right now, so good luck playing it while peering through your fingers.

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