Dead Space Trophy Leak Confirms Alternate Ending

Dead Space Trophy Leak Confirms Alternate Ending
EA Motive

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Joseph Kime


23rd Jan 2023 15:41

The Dead Space remake is right around the corner, and frankly, we couldn't be more excited. Or terrified. Both are equally as valid.

After The Callisto Protocol didn't exactly whet everyone's appetites for the space-faring survival horror, the last hope is EA Motive's Dead Space.

This is a spooky masterpiece that could yet revive survival horror entirely, just as the origimnal game did when it first launched.

There are a lot of fans waiting with bated breath to see what lies in store for them in the game - and now, it looks like we finally know what to expect. Apparently, we ought to expect the unexpected.

Dead Space's Remake Has An Alternate Ending

Dead Space Trophy Leak Confirms Alternate Ending
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As it turns out, the original Dead Space game's finale isn't necessarily where its remake will end, as the trophy list of the game has revealed that it will feature an alternate ending.

TrueTrophies has reported the full list of Dead Space achievements, and while it offers some compelling peeks into what lies in store in the game, it has also revealed that there's a different ending to experience.

The achievement is titled "Reunion," and its description reads, "See the alternative ending on any difficulty mode." Interesting.

There's no word on how exactly players can get the alternative ending, but to know it's there at all is fascinating.

Two Hours Of Dead Space Footage Has Leaked

If leaks aren't taking the surprise out of Dead Space enough for you with this achievement, then good news - two hours of the game have leaked online.

The first two hours were uploaded to YouTube by a mysterious channel, before it was promptly taken down. It makes sense that it was pulled from the site, but damn, did we want to see it.

Some gnarly Dead Space remake footage may have been incredibly illuminating, but perhaps not as much as this achievement. Maybe in this ending, Isaac gets to go home to his wife, curl up in bed and watch some television. That'd be nice.

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