Dead Space Easter Egg Hints At Dead Space 2 Remake

Dead Space Easter Egg Hints At Dead Space 2 Remake
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Tom Chapman


30th Jan 2023 17:05

Horror has a new home, and after EA Motive showed us how it's done with the Dead Space remake, there are already hopes it'll lead to a remastered trilogy.

Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake isn't the only big horror coming out this year, and with it being 15 years since the first Dead Space came out, that's more than enough time to warrant a remake.

While the Resident Evil games have been getting the remake treatment for a while, a sneaky Easter egg in Dead Space hints that EA could follow in Capcom's footsteps. 

Is A Dead Space 2 Remake On The Way?

Dead Space 2 Remake Easter Egg.
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As reported by GameSpot, there's a sneaky Easter egg that could hint at the franchise's future. We already reported on how there's a New Game Plus version of Dead Space, and apparently, it's here you'll find your tease of a Dead Space 2 remake.

The site says that once you've completed the main game and booted up the New Game Plus version, you'll find a series of new logs. 

There's an exchange between two characters about a "decommissioning" of the Ishimura happening within the next year, as well as a mention of working at the Sprawl on Titan.

Those who've played 2011's Dead Space 2 will know the Sprawl is the terrifying space station where the second game takes place. More than just being a throwaway nod, there's another wink toward the arguably superior sequel. 

Warning: Dead Space spoilers ahead

Dead Space's Alternate Ending Also Sets Up A Dead Space 2 Remake

The alternate ending for the Dead Space remake also queues up a return to Dead Space 2. Here, Isaac Clarke realises he's been hallucinating about his MIA wife, Nicole. While he escapes Aegis VII, Nicole appears to him again. 

After the hallucinated Nicole asks if they're going home, Isaac cryptically says, "Gotta build a little something first..." When Nicole asks what it is, Isaac responds, "It's a surprise, sweetie. But, I think you're gonna like it."

As the camera zooms out, we see Isaac's discarded helmet and the shuttle is covered with Marker symbols. Filling in the gaps between the first two Dead Space games, it implies that Isaac was under the influence of the Markers - which would also explain how he unleashes a plague of Necromorphs in the sequel. 

More than just giving those who've played the OG game something different to enjoy, the secret Dead Space remake ending directly leads into Dead Space 2, where Isaac wakes up on the Sprawl with no memory of the past three years. 

EA hasn't said anything about a Dead Space 2 remake, but if the reception of the first remake is anything to go off, we bet we'll be blasting off to the Sprawl in no time at all. 

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