Cyberpunk 2077 fans worried Phantom Liberty DLC could melt their PC

Cyberpunk 2077 fans worried Phantom Liberty DLC could melt their PC
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Joseph Kime


13th Sep 2023 17:20

Cyberpunk is coming back, and it's coming back heavy. There are a lot of expectations for the upcoming DLC of a game that ultimately failed to deliver on launch with an operational experience, but to meet those expectations, it actually has to work first.

Given CD Projekt Red's track record, that could be a higher bar to reach than is fair. Fans have expected that performance issues were behind them after the kerfuffle that came with the launch and subsequent fixes of Cyberpunk 2077, but it looks like CDPR has some more intense computing needs.

Cyberpunk devs urge fans to check their specs

To think we were done with this. After the nightmare that running Cyberpunk 2077 had become (particularly on consoles), you might think we're clear of worrying that our rigs can't run the game - but CD Projekt Red has asked us to think again in time for the Phantom Liberty DLC.

Lead Scene Programmer Filip PierÅ›ciÅ„ski took to Twitter to mention that it's best for players to ensure that they have a powerful enough PC to take on the new additions to the game. 

The tweet sent a panic among Phantom Liberty fans, worrying that the DLC could literally melt their PCs and wreck more than just their Cyberpunk experience. A lot of gamers have responded with frustration, as though there are many who understand the hardware space, others simply don't get all of the parts they need. 

Fans react to calls for better PCs to run Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC
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This tweet has made processing the game all the more complicated. One worried gamer said, "I follows the advice but I have NO IDEA how to interpret these results...I'll just wait and cross my fingers." Another grumbled, "You could've just said this version of the game also isn't optimised by any means." 

Fans aren't sure what to do with this information - and frankly, we don't either. Optimising and compression is something that a lot of developers simply aren't good at, and it seems as though CD Projekt Red could be one of them.

Thankfully, Phantom Liberty shouldn't torch your PC to the ground. As reported by Kotaku, PierÅ›ciÅ„ski sent a follow-up tweet saying that he simply meant you should regularly check your cooling systems. He's reassured us that your PC should be fine running Phantom Liberty, but that could just be damage control. 

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