CDPR’s Live-action Cyberpunk won’t be here for years

CDPR’s Live-action Cyberpunk won’t be here for years
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Joseph Kime


30th Nov 2023 17:25

Gaming fans love to imagine what a live-action adaptation of their favourite games would look like, and frankly, they always have. These days, your favourite developers seem to be delivering on the implication more than ever.

The critical success of The Last of Us proved video game adaptations could work even on the most prestigious front, and now, as we await God of War, Borderlands, Ghost of Tsushima, and even The Legend of Zelda's arrival in live-action, there are hopes the video game curse is all but gone.

Even though fans are getting excited about one of the more recently announced titles, there's news that might take the wind out of their sails. These things take time, even if we wish they didn't.

Cyberpunk 2077's arrival in live-action won't come for years yet

Speaking in a recent earnings call, CD Projekt Red's chief commercial officer Michał Nowakowski referenced the upcoming live-action adaptation of Cyberpunk 2077, and he suggested that we definitely won't be seeing it in the next year at least.

"In terms of promotional activities, there is the Ultimate Edition launching soon, but when it comes to the Cyberpunk IP we're going to be nurturing it and developing it through activities going outside of the game as well," he says.

"We're not really discussing specifics here but one of the obvious things that we have announced, not happening next year, but going to be developed or moved in the direction next year, is the project we have announced with Anonymous Content."

Don't expect Cyberpunk in live-action just yet

A landscape of Night City as a protagonist sits on a rooftop in Cyberpunk 2077.
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Given that the project won't be launching in 2024 (and the fact that we don't know if it's going to be a series, film, or something else entirely), 2025 seems like the year to expect it. Frankly, with such little news to work with, it wouldn't be too out of the question to expect it to come at the end of that year or even squeeze over into early 2026.

As Phantom Liberty marks the end of the road for Cyberpunk 2077 and CDPR moves onto the sequel game, we could have a Cyberpunk void in our lives. It's one hell of a wait, but this is something that the team has to get right. After all, with The Witcher and Edgerunners to live up to, it's going to need all the love it can get.

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