PlayStation has bad news after Cyberpunk 2077 corruption bug

PlayStation has bad news after Cyberpunk 2077 corruption bug
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Joseph Kime


2nd Oct 2023 16:05

We thought we were safe. We were wrong. We were so wrong. Cyberpunk 2077 had a catastrophic launch that has been built upon massively since its debut, and given that the game has now reached its beloved 2.0 update and Phantom Liberty DLC, players are glad to have left the hellish days of bugs and glitches galore behind.

The future of Night City lies ahead, and though the developers aren't focussing much on the Cyberpunk 2077 that we have now, safe for bug fixes, we've still got plenty more to explore in the new content we've been offered. And thankfully, we're mostly glitch-free. Unfortunately, one bug is kicking back...hard.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a bug that corrupts files

That stings. It looks like a new bug crept out of the woodwork in Cyberpunk 2.0 on PS5, causing players to lose their saves entirely. You were warned to start a new save file before embarking on the Idris Elba-led DLC, and while it was your own choice not to, it's a mistake that has cost some dearly. 

It's thought that the bug has been caused by players trying to make saves over a base game save in order to play the new Phantom Liberty DLC, but there's no real evidence for this. CD Projekt Red suggested that this could be the case, but there's no official report yet. And it gets worse. Much worse.

You can't have your corrupted PS5 files back

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CD Projekt Red claimed that the bug has been fixed in the new patch dubbed Cyberpunk 2.01, and even though others have been prevented from their suffering, it's now confirmed that PS5 users won't be able to recover their corrupted saves.

The patch notes read, "Addressed the issue of corrupted saves on PlayStation by increasing the maximum save file size limit." It comes with an unfortunate caveat that explains, "This won't fix the saves corrupted before the update. If you're experiencing the issue, keep a working save (e.g. resave it as manual save) till 2.01 arrives."

The patch is supposedly coming soon, but for many, it's not enough. In an RPG as big as Cyberpunk, to lose such massive progress is a fate worse than death for some. It looks like buggy Cyberpunk isn't entirely gone yet.

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