Life Paths may have a bigger impact on story in Cyberpunk 2

Life Paths may have a bigger impact on story in Cyberpunk 2
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22nd Dec 2023 21:48

A second Cyberpunk game is in the early development stage and it sounds as though the team is looking to place more importance into the life path picked at the start of the game.

In a recent interview, a developer said that life paths did not have as much impact on the story in Cyberpunk 2077 as initially advertised and that this is something they would like to change in the future.

Cyberpunk narrative director wishes Life Paths had more impact on gameplay

During an interview on the AnsweRED podcast, narrative director Philipp Weber spoke about how the team wishes life paths were utilised more in Cyberpunk 2077.

Life Paths in Cyberpunk 2077 alter the first few hours of gameplay, and basically decide which life V leaves behind.

The options in the game are Street Kid, Corpo, and Nomad, though there is no indication of if these will change in the next Cyberpunk game or not.

Speaking to the AnsweRED podcast, Weber said: "I do think there are things with, for example, the life paths, that kind of gives you a promise as being able to play more different kinds of characters.

"I think this is a thing where, in the future, that's as an example something we would like to improve. Since I do think we gave a promise there that maybe in the end we did not really sell."

Speaking about the design choices, Weber says that he thinks the game became a bit muddled up as the three paths merged together. This is something he thinks could be worked on in the next game.

He said: "The game begins with this very specific thing, you can be a Nomad, a Corpo, a Street Kid, but then it sometimes goes away a little bit. We move it all together.

"As a quest designer, I think in retrospect we can see the old topic, given more experience, given more time, I think maybe we would make it a bit less muddled than we did it there."

Not much is currently known about Cyberpunk 2, codenamed Orion, however it is confirmed to be in the conceptual stages of development.

What is clear from interviews CD Projekt Red has done with news outlets such as IGN, is that development processes have changed to avoid another disastrous launch like the one for Cyberpunk 2077.

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