Cyberpunk 2077 sequel teases a surprising new location for Project Orion

Cyberpunk 2077 sequel teases a surprising new location for Project Orion

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Megan Cooke


14th Jan 2024 19:05

A recent fan-theory for the upcoming Cyberpunk sequel sees the game taking place in a rather unexpected city.

A poster, which seems to be becoming more and more prominent in Cyberpunk, may be giving players a hint and the date and location of the upcoming sequel.

A poster which can be found around Night City may hint at a location for the sequel

Some eagle-eyed Redditors have noticed a poster popping up around Night City which may include a cheeky hint towards the date and setting of the Cyberpunk Sequel.

Reddit user QueenCobra91 took to the Cyberpunk Game subreddit to ask if the poster could be a hint, stating “they are everywhere now”.

The poster reads: “Travel from Chicago to Night City in under three hours. Worry free. Coming 2080.”

Naturally, this has led some people to think that the poster could be hinting towards the Cyberpunk sequel taking place in Chicago in the year 2080.

The poster itself isn’t new, with several people saying that they have seen it over the last year or so and some claiming it has been there since launch.

Despite this, it does appear to have become more noticeable since the most recent Cyberpunk update, with some players thinking that this is because CD Projekt Red want us to notice it now more than ever.

There could be some validity to the idea.

The train's existence would allow players to go back to Night City so that players could revisit the beloved location, while still allowing for a new place to be explored.

Similarly, one of the game's endings hint that Panam may have contacts that can save V, contacts which lore suggests may have a base in Chicago.

This could therefore allow V to remain as the main character in the sequel, exploring Chicago and returning to Night City at will.

Not everyone thinks CDPR will be so quick to leave Night City behind

by u/QueenCobra91 from discussion
in cyberpunkgame

While some people are convinced that Chicago could be the setting, not everyone is so quick to leave Night City behind.

One Reddit commenter wrote: “Night City is the main character of Cyberpunk. It’s most likely we will get a new protagonist.”

Another said: “I doubt they will leave NC for Chicago. But I could see 2080 being the next setting for Orion.”

A third stated: “No Cyberpunk game will ever take place outside of Night City.”

While we won’t know until more information is released, and it would be a shame to say goodbye to Night City, it would be exciting to get to explore more of the world.

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