Cr1tikal Offers $20k To Anyone Who Can Get Through Halo 2 Without Dying

Cr1tikal Offers $20k To Anyone Who Can Get Through Halo 2 Without Dying
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Joseph Kime


19th Jul 2022 17:00

Halo is a great time for casuals and die-hards alike, and though it can be incredibly accessible on its lowest settings, there are secrets that lie in wait for those who really want to amp up the challenge.

Most notable are the skull modifiers, which are gradually-unlocked ways to transform the gaming experience with specific challenges to beat applied to the game - and that's not even considering the brutal difficulties that truly push the boundaries of Halo's enemy AI.

And now, one streamer is offering fans a true challenge to test their mettle.

Cr1tikal Has Set Halo's Toughest Challenge Ever

Streamer Moist Cr1tikal has set one of the hardest challenges in the history of the Halo series, and it's seemingly so tough that players are reluctant to take it up.

The challenge is for players who think they're the very best of the best - and it's one that has been proven to be near impossible. It's a LASO run, meaning that players have to beat the game on Legendary difficulty with every single one of the skull modifiers applied, but Cr1tikal's version of the challenge indicates that a player needs to do it without dying once.

The challenge will take place in Halo 2 Anniversary - but it seems that players aren't keen to try it.

Cr1tikal Ups His Challenge's Payout To $20k

The challenge that Cr1tikal has set is seemingly not getting much take up, and it certainly isn't being completed, as he has been forced to up the ante.

"In my hubris, I thought I could play god and make a miracle happen," he said.

"I am raising the bounty. I will now be offering 20 thousand dollars to the first person who can complete my sadistic challenge. This sh** is diabolical."

It's impressive that there's a gaming challenge that has still gone unbeaten, and it's even better that Cr1tikal is incentivising its new place in the gaming history books. If you think you're up to it, get to work - there might be some big bucks in it for you.

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