CoD Esports fans debate ‘butt plug’ Search and Destroy cheating method

CoD Esports fans debate ‘butt plug’ Search and Destroy cheating method
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Jack Marsh


30th May 2023 20:30

With the Call of Duty League World Championships 2023 set to be the "biggest event" in this esports' long history, players are knuckling down to ensure they get locked in and discover anything that will give them a competitive edge.

Following on from New York Subliners' win at the Toronto Major V, the CDL is set for its most enthralling climax ever, as all of the top eight teams have begun staking their claim on the trophy.

But with the margins for error at an all-time low, fans are now coming up with some crazy ways to besmirch the rules, even coming up with a "butt plug" method of cheating for Search and Destroy.

CDL fans joke about 'butt plug' cheating method

What stops teams from cheating in SnD on LAN?
by u/hth_dcv in CoDCompetitive

Last year's World Championships was filled with controversy as FaZe Clan's Kris "Swagg" Lemberson and a girlfriend of the LA Thieves star Zack "Drazah" Jordan were both accused of ruining competitive integrity by shouting to players on stage to reveal their enemies' locations.

But this year, some more lewd cheats could be deployed, as one Reddit fan has joked that vibrating butt plugs could be an undetected method of cheating, where morse code could be used to reveal with bomb site players are attacking in Search and Destroy.

"What stops FaZe for example from using vibrational butt plugs and letting Crowder control the vibrations using morse code to tell them which bomb site is free?" one fan jokingly theorised.

CDL fans joke sex toys could be the method for success at Champs 2023

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The butt plug scandal was actually a method allegedly used by a chess player in order to beat grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, albeit the plug was swapped out for another beaded rectum pleasure toy.

Fans began to joke that maybe this is why we're seeing so much "snaking" in Call of Duty esports, with FaZe's McArthur "Cellium" Jovel being notorious for the bobbing action. 

"I'm serious. They are playing for millions of dollars. If that means putting something up my a**, then so be it," added the original poster.

Others joked that maybe FaZe's Grand Finals curse might be a battery-dying problem throughout the extended Best of Seven series, which would solve quite a lot of mysteries.

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