CDL Fans Call For Swagg To Be Banned From Future Events

CDL Fans Call For Swagg To Be Banned From Future Events

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Jack Marsh


12th Aug 2022 14:29

When Los Angeles Thieves (a subsidiary of 100 Thieves), took on Atlanta FaZe (FaZe Clan) in the Call of Duty League World Championships Grand Final, it's no surprise that fans collided. As the two biggest fan bases in Call of Duty esports behind OpTic, the Grand Finals had more fireworks than you could imagine, although some fans have gone too far in ruining the integrity of the game.

Despite the trash talk, wild chants, and crazily illustrious banners, when a Search and Destroy round kicks-off, it is courtesy for fans to mute up, and normally you can hear a pin drop in the arena as it holds its breath. 

However, in the seventh and final match of the Grand Finals, chaos erupted, and a selection of the audience was caught shouting callouts to the players, which may or may not have influenced the game.

CDL Finals' Integrity Ruined By Fans

Dismay rolled through the arena as both sections of fans were found to be shouting "Defuse" as a player hopped onto the bomb to defuse it in a 1v1 setting. Firstly, community personality "Keeks" was called out for telling shouting Defuse to the Los Angeles Thieves players (and boyfriend Zack "Drazah" Jordan). 

The callouts seemingly helped Drazah clutch the round, as he killed the defusing player with less than a second left on the clock. Despite the LA Thieves man saying "I was checking the bomb 100/000 times in that situation", Atlanta FaZe's Alec "Arcitys" Sanderson tweeted that he could hear the shouts on-stage. 

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However, it wasn't just LA Thieves' fan base doing the shouting, as FaZe Clan's rabble of high-profile streamers has also admitted to shouting the same thing, probing the casters to call for them to "be quiet" on the official broadcast.


Swagg Admits To Ruining CDL Integrity - Fans Want Him Banned

Taking to a stream after the Call of Duty League World Championships, Chris "Swagg" Lamberson confessed to being FaZe's unsporting instigator. "There was a time when aBeZy was in a 1v1, the guy on 100 Thieves starts defusing. It was dead quiet, and I yell out 'check bomb. Yo, check the f**king bomb'."

With the clip circulating on social media, fans now want him banned from future events. "Can he be banned now?", "haha hope he's banned from CDL events for life.", and "can we get this fool a lifetime ban from events? Set an example", were just some of many calls for the Warzone star to be banned from future events.

The lack of regret in his manner continued to indicate that Swagg saw no problem in his actions, further antagonising the esports community. "The worst part is that he still doesn’t understand that it’s wrong. Buddy is so proud of himself," one fan added.

Swagg has been a long-time advocate of the CDL, despite being heavily influenced by sniping montages and Warzone, being a good connection between the casual and competitive communities. 

Whether Swagg will be banned is yet to be seen, although it's more likely that he could apologise and continue supporting his FaZe Clan team.

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