Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Players Beg For Aim-Assist Nerf

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Players Beg For Aim-Assist Nerf
Images via Infinity Ward

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Joseph Kime


9th Nov 2022 09:49

While Call of Duty might be packed to the brim with sweaty nerds attempting to exploit the game's most simple mechanics, there are also a lot of casual players who just want to jump in and shoot some things. Bless.

The game makes a lot of admissions for these players, and the long-controversial aim-assist feature is one of them. Helping players to lock onto foes has been a defining feature of the FPS feature for the most technical players, meaning that ever since competitive Call of Duty came to be, fans have been calling for it to be axed. Now, these calls are reaching a fever pitch.

What's Going On With Modern Warfare 2 Aim-Assist?

Angry gamers have been taking to the internet to call for Modern Warfare 2's aim-assist - which many feel is vastly overpowered and is sapping the fun from the game - to be nerfed.

Videos shared across Twitter and Reddit illustrate just how powerful the gravitational effect of the aim-assist is. One video shows a streamer playing the game as an enemy crosses the screen and practically drags the aim across the screen with little resistance or requirement for the player to do anything to stay locked-on.

Reddit threads are being shut down around the discussion, as arguments are simply growing too toxic when anyone even mentions the subject of Modern Warfare 2 aim-assist. And if the conversation is too toxic for Reddit, then you know it's truly vitriolic.

Players React To Aim-Assist Nerf Calls

Fans in one of the nixed Reddit threads have reacted to the suggestion that the aim-assist in the game should be nerfed, with some saying that it's akin to cheating. "I need to stop trying to aim, because for me aim-assist feels like nothing lol" says one user, and another suggests a means of breaking the game for sake of a win.

"Really wanna f**k with PC players? Use smoke grenades. Aim-assist still works through the smoke. Some guy did this to our team yesterday. We won but it was absolute hell." It's clear that this is a big problem for competitive players, but for those who are new to Call of Duty, it's practically a necessity. Infinity Ward just can't win.

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