CDL And Warzone Pros Slams MW2 Aim Assist: 'Takes No Skill'

CDL And Warzone Pros Slams MW2 Aim Assist: 'Takes No Skill'
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Jack Marsh


4th Oct 2022 13:30

Call of Duty's relationship with its beloved aim assist is growing ever stronger with each instalment of the franchise. But is enough, enough?.

If a player's weapon was Batman, aim assist is Robin. Mario and Luigi, Scooby Doo and Scrappy, an M4 and aim assist. They're cut from the same cloth, but there are complaints that the muscles of the sidekick getting too big now.

Well, Call of Duty pros are beginning to think so, as CDL superstar and 2021-22 All-Star team member Brandon "Dashy" Otell has slammed the current strength of aim assist, a virtue also echoed by Warzone wizard Aydan "Aydan" Conrad.

Dashy Rips Into Aim Assist, Claiming It Takes No Skill to play Cod Now

As arguably the best Assault Rifle player in Call of Duty, currently, Dashy has claimed Aim Assist is now virtually aimbot, and takes the skill away from the game.

After the Modern Warfare 2 beta, Dashy took to an OpTic podcast to say, "It's literally an AI…it's an actual aimbot. Everyone looks like they have the best gunny ever and it makes every CoD look like a point-and-click. It takes no skill."

The AR main then claimed the 'Dynamic' aim assist type should be axed from the game, having proved to be so strong in MW2.


Aydan Claims Aim Assist Is "perfect Aim for free"

The issue is Call of Duty-wide too, not just in the multiplayer and CDL. Warzone's decorated superstar Aydan also took issue with it in a recent stream, calling for it to be nerfed. "Up close, you have to have perfect aim. Controller, you just get perfect aim for free.

"It's kind of sad. I think aim assist should definitely be nerfed. It should definitely be nerfed a little bit. It's so unfair, I'm not even trolling." With so many high-profile players taking issue with the system, it might be that we see the developers tinker with the 'dynamic' setting, although aim assist is never going to be fully removed.

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