Call of Duty just made nukes easier to get than ever before

Call of Duty just made nukes easier to get than ever before
Infinity Ward | Raven Software

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Joseph Kime


8th Jun 2023 16:30

Ah, the nuke. A horrific notion, but a blast in Call of Duty. No pun intended.

The killstreak has long been a marker of sheer sweatiness, offering players a mighty streak of between 20 and 25 dispatches and the chance to show their prowess to the lobby. Warzone nukes bring the game to a near-instant close that grants the player's team the win, no matter how far behind in the running they are.

It's been a big part of modern Call of Duty for some time, with compilations of players reaching the killstreak in record times and hitting the same popularity as MLG trickshot comps. And now, the keys to the kingdom's destruction are being gracefully placed in your hands.

Warzone 2.0 Season 3 is dishing out nukes for an explosive close

Call of Duty just made nukes easier to get than ever before
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If you've been waiting for your chance to decimate Al Mazrah with nuclear weapons, your opportunity has finally arrived.

As the third season of Warzone 2.0 draws to a close, Raven Software is lifting the requirement to win five battle royale games in a row before players can touch the Champions Quest - which allows squads to drive around the map finding pieces of a nuclear bomb before setting it off.

The news was revealed by Raven on Twitter, reminding players that this week will be their last chance to drop the bomb, both literally and figuratively. But fans have one big question.

Will the nuke destroy all of my Warzone games?

It would have been safe to presume that players will waste no time in trying to end Warzone games early, but luckily, there's a big chance you can stop them.

It's not likely that all of your games between now and the end of the season will end in the bomb dropping, as squads across the map will be notified that rivals are trying to build the bomb. This gives you a chance to find one of the parts yourself and stop them.

As Warzone 2.0 prepares to change its name and go out in style, it's certainly going to be good fun to try to drop the bomb with your squad. Still, preventing other squads from doing it themselves is likely to be pretty frustrating. At least it won't last long.

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