Broken MW2 battle pass brings back invisible Roze skin

Broken MW2 battle pass brings back invisible Roze skin
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Jack Marsh


14th Mar 2023 17:12

Call of Duty has been hard at work on its newest crossovers, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Shredder coming as an Operator soon. But now, it seems the team has snagged something from the Hogwarts Legacy to-do list.

One Operator has a history of being rather opaque, much akin to Potter under his invisibility cloak. Despite having a major makeover for Modern Warfare 2 from her previous look in 2019, Roze is back up to her usual tricks.

Modern Warfare 2 skins turn Roze invisible... again

Once dubbed "invisible" through her cloak and dagger apparel, the original Roze included a black-on-black balaclava and skin-tight outfit - making her hard to spot in the dark. The mask was lifted for MW2, showcasing her beauty and long hair.

However, her most recent skin, which is labelled "Sheathed Blade," has now reverted back to her see-through state. It's all thanks to a weird glitch.

The skin can be unlocked in the Season 2 battle pass in Section B10 so shouldn't be that hard to get. Sadly, there are reports that she's once again broken for some players, who can only see her face.

MW2 fans scarred by invisible Rose bug

"It's called camouflage," joked fans on Reddit, who then compared the skin to something out of All Ghillied Up when Captain Price slipped underneath the feat of an army patrol like a ghost. 

Thankfully, it appears this glitch doesn't transfer into her in-game appearance when equipped, and you won't be left shooting at floating heads in your next Hardpoint venture on Mercado Las Almas. 

It's not yet sure what has caused the visual glitch, though, and with Activision's resurgence in the customisation game in Season 2 reloaded, fans will likely want a little bit of reassurance that their next Captain Price bundle purchase won't end up with cigar smoke floating around an invisible set of lungs.

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