The 9 best video game characters we want to spend Christmas with

The 9 best video game characters we want to spend Christmas with
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Morgan Truder

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24th Dec 2023 17:30

Christmas is an interesting time for many - some people absolutely love the opportunity to see family, exchange gifts, eat and drink copious amounts, and have a very merry time. But for some, it isn't quite as nice.

It can often be a lonely time, where any form of escapism is welcome - in this instance, games can really shine and come into their own. 

Over the years, we have all fallen in love with a variety of different characters, for plenty of different reasons, and the question always comes up about who you'd like to have a beer with, a meal, or just hang out with generally - ideally you want someone who will be a bit of a laugh.

This made me think, who would be great around the table for Christmas, someone who is a good time when the crackers are being pulled and the eggnog is flowing? Ideally, they will also be happy pitching in with a bit of cooking and cleaning up afterwards. 

So, here's who I think would be worth having around the table, hopefully avoiding a situation akin to the Christmas episode in The Bear where tensions were high, forks were thrown, and (for some reason) John Mulaney is there looking terrified. 

Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy 7 

Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 Remake
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Square Enix

When Tifa isn't trying to take down the mega-corporation of Shinra in Final Fantasy 7, she runs a bar in the slums of Midgar. With Tifa coming for Christmas, you won't have to worry about sorting drinks for anyone, she will have that covered but will also be dead helpful to have around on the day.

In the game, she often appears to be very caring for those she is with, so she will certainly be worried about making the day special and ensuring everyone has a good time. And once again, she owns a bar.

John Hancock - Fallout 4 

John Hancock in Fallout 4
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When you first meet John Hancock in Fallout 4, he is currently acting as mayor of Goodneighbor, thanks to his charisma and strong leadership. Eventually, he will be able to join you on your travels around the New England wastelands.

Despite all of the games I have played from Bethesda, from Starfield to Skyrim, John Hancock is by far the best companion I had. He is a pretty decent person with a checkered past, and as much as he will contribute to a good day, he could probably do with a bit of festive cheer.

Link - The Legend of Zelda 

Link holding firewood in Tears of the Kingdom
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I know, I know, Link isn't known for being very chatty, and won’t contribute much to any conversation over dinner. However, he is a pretty good cook, and having someone at the party who knows their way around a kitchen will certainly come in handy.

After the meal, once the party games come out we all know Link will excel, imagine how good he must be at Charades and Pictionary. 

Marcus Holloway - Watch Dogs 2 

Marcus walking in Watch Dogs 2
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Marcus is probably the only character worth remembering from the Watch Dogs series, especially after the first game was incredibly dry and the third game chose to have no main character.

Marcus is a fun, personable, person who seems to care about doing the right thing whilst also bringing a bit of heart to a bland series. He will make a great addition to Christmas, with a similar mindset to Tifa. It's all handy that we know he will always have batteries for any of the gifts that may need them. 

Chloe Frazer - Uncharted 

Chloe Frazer under attack in Uncharted Lost Legacy
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Chloe Frazer is another character who brings a lot to the dinner table with a plethora of interesting tales that will only help contribute to good vibes on the day. Chloe is one of the more interesting characters in Uncharted - a series renowned for great characters.

With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, we got to know so much more about her outside of a love interest for Nathan Drake. Hopefully, she helps fill the conversational void left by Link. 

Brok and Sindri - God of War 

Brok and Sindri in God of War
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You can’t have one without another, and these two have proven to be the heart of God of War since it was rebooted in 2018. They are always there to help and have such a great dynamic.

Brok and Sindri represent family, more than many characters in gaming, with their trials and tribulations often shared. Even when they are separated, they always end up back together - and Christmas is all about family. 

Kassandra - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Kassandra holding an eagle in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
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Assassin's Creed has had some great protagonists over the years, from the swashbuckling Edward Kenway to the known charmer Ezio Auditore - however, few come close to Kassandra.

She is as Greek as they come, with a Malaka here and Malaka there. Kassandra is bound to be the life of the party, and I reckon she will get on great with some of the other guests we have coming for the big day.

Kassandra is another person who will have plenty to say, some great stories to tell once it gets late, and naturally will most likely bring some of Greece's finest wine. 

Siegward of Catarina - Dark Souls 3 

Siegward of Catarina Dark Souls 3
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Every Christmas celebration needs someone who will be great company until dinner, probably overindulge a bit on the Turkey and will be asleep before it's dark - that person here is Siegward of Catarina, or as he's more affectionately known: the Onion Knight.

From what we see of him in Dark Souls 3, he loves to booze, make toasts, sleep. and he can knock up a cracking soup. For me, there are few people more welcome at Christmas than Siegward. 

Arthur Morgan - Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur Morgan hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2
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Arthur Morgan is the inspiration behind this whole article. For me, few people deserve this kind of merriment like Arthur and throughout his journey in Red Dead Redemption 2 we get to see how he is the full package.

Arthur can hunt, help Link with the cooking, can spin a yarn better than anyone, is a great listener and as we saw by his big night on the town with Lenny, he can even be the life of the party. I am not that bothered by Christmas, but if I got to spend the day with Arthur Morgan, I reckon the day would be a good crack.

That's who I would love to have around for Christmas day. There are plenty of characters who were close to making the list, but despite being a fun hypothetical. I couldn't help but think about the cost of having too many people for dinner.

From all of us at GGRecon we hope you have an amazing Christmas, and if you’re not a huge fan of Christmas, treat yourself to one of the above games - that way you can hang out with some of the best characters around to take your mind off things.

Morgan is one of the Guides Writers at GGRecon. He first started writing about games for fun whilst doing his BA (Hons) in History and Film. Since then he has turned this passion into a career and was previously an Editor at VideoGamer before joining GGRecon. Despite enjoying all sorts of games, he can often be found playing Football Manager, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Sekiro.

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