Purging phony predators is Respawn's newest pastime.

11:16, 01 Feb 2021

It seems that in recent times no matter which title you are discussing, cheaters and hackers are at the forefront of the conversation. With gamers having few alternatives to diving into their chosen battle royales and grinding the hours away, the likelihood has been that during their session they will wonder across a wild cheater and be decimated from the server. 

Over in Apex Legends, the most common hackers are not those controlling the tech-savvy Crypto, but rather those who think they can become the mechanical anon in real life with wallhacks and aimbot. Wallhacks are less common than in games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, with the likes of Crypto's drone and Bloodhound's scan often giving players a somewhat similar feeling in a non-exploit fashion, although players still gain a significant advantage when cheating in this manner. 

Recently, Respawn Entertainment's Security Lead, Conor "Hideout" Ford, caught and banned two high profile Apex Predators, and now it looks like he's back bringing down the hammer to a huge number of high-ranked cheaters.

Taking to Twitter, Hideout stated, "I have about 240 people that are platinum and above that will be banned and will be monitoring for a majority of the night".

Hideout's work is well known within the community, with many high profile crackdowns on players manipulating the rules of Apex Legends. Known as Respawn's own police officer, it's no surprise to see him reigning the law down on even more cheaters.


The Security Lead also took to Reddit to say that an exploit that hackers are taking advantage of will be fixed for Apex Legends Season 8, meaning that hopefully, we should see fewer aimbot maniacs surging around Olympus.


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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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