The beast of the hunt can be spotted through walls.

20:30, 30 Jan 2021

With many of the outlanders often bein nerfed, buffed, shined, and primed, one of the more consistent legends is the non-binary hunter of souls: Bloodhound. As a master of recon, Bloodhound's powers make them the perfect stalker of prey before scanning and pouncing on unexpecting players.

Their abilities send a beaconed radar through their proximity to locate players nearby, and when the Beast of the Hunt is activated, it takes a swift pair of heels to escape the trap, or a well placed Kraber round to the head to prevent becoming a deathbox.

However, a clip has gone viral in which players have identified an accidental exploit that makes the hunted become the hunters, countering Bloodhound's ultimate.

Apart from their inordinate breathing, much like a henry hoover, players have found a new tell to locate the whereabouts of an ambushing Bloodhound, with the tell coming straight from their poker face. With the ultimate popped, Bloodhound's eyes glow as red as the river of blood they intend to flow, which also illuminates around their body. The glow, however, can be seen through walls, giving away their exact location. 

A viral YouTube clip shows the gas maniac Caustic and a healing Loba skulking through World Edge's Capitol City only to see a read glow beaming through the corner of a building. Upon entering, Caustic finds a lurking Bloodhound and fills their chest with a clip of R99 rounds before finishing them off with a Flatline.


The Bloodhound will have been seconds away from surprising their foes by following the footprints of the duo and launching an ambush, but their ultimate caused roles to be reversed with their recon becoming their greatest downfall. 

The same goes for an attacking Bloodhound, with their glow appearing through doors and walls anywhere on the map - should the Darth Vader-like exasperations be looming, make sure to check your surrounding cover for a red glow and prepare for engagement.



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Image via Respawn Entertainment 

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