Apex Legends under fire as NRG sweetdreams achieves Predator

Apex Legends under fire as NRG sweetdreams achieves Predator
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Jack Marsh


11th May 2023 18:55

With a new season of Apex Legends action comes a new breath of hope and prosperity that Respawn Entertainment has steered the battle royale back on track.

And for the most part, it seems like the developers have done an ample job, with audio issues being fixed and a new legend spicing up the content.

But, there's always one problem. Now, professional Apex Legends player Christopher "sweetdreams" Sexton has highlighted a major flaw in the Ranked playlist by reaching Predator rank by dealing no damage and getting no kills.

NRG sweetdreams achieves Apex Predator by dealing no damage

NRG sweetdreams is one of the best Apex Legends players on the planet, but after recently highlighting that Ranked is "unplayable", the streamer-turned-pro has now showcased that the playlist is rather broken.

After just three days in Season 17, sweetdreams has now surged to become an Apex Predator by solo-queueing in Ranked and not dealing a single shred of damage - using the same strategy of Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen.

Primarily relying on camping in trees and relying on heat shields and teammates, the player revealed that he had become the 152nd highest-ranked player in the game by playing 50 games, winning 5, and dealing no damage.

Apex Legends pros call for Ranked overhaul amid sweetdreams' no-damage challenge

Apex Legends Season 17
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Players have been ditching weapons for some time now, opting for challenges involving lethal grenades and abilities, but sweetdreams' no-damage climb has now highlighted that there needs to be an overhaul into the match entry fee at higher ranks.

"Increase the Entry Fee for higher levels or we're sitting in trees," said sweetdreams on Twitter. The pro player used the likes of Wraith and Crypto to hide in trees and other nerd spots to stay alive for as long as possible, getting into the top 5 placements on 45 occasions.

Stats even proved that he only lost Elo in one of his 50 games too, proving that there needs to be a higher entry fee to weigh towards getting kills instead of camping.

Despite all of Respawn's great work in Apex Legends Season 17, it does seem like there's still more work to be done in Ranked, which faces a race against time to fend off competition from Realm.

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