Apex Legends players are randomly being gifted thousands of coins

Apex Legends players are randomly being gifted thousands of coins
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Jack Marsh


24th May 2024 17:35

There's been quite an unfortunate price hike on Apex Legends items in recent months, with expensive skins being thrown out like this is some kind of Counter-Strike market.

But, as the saying goes, the best things in life come free. For some Apex Legends players, that's exactly the situation, as it looks like thousands of Apex coins are being added to random accounts.

Apex Legends players randomly receive thousands of coins

With increasing prices on mint cosmetics like legend skins and weapon camos, free Apex coins are quite a welcome surprise, and for some players on Reddit, they've been mysteriously arriving in the thousands.

One Redditor named u/kiaannneeee took to the platform to say that they and a friend both got random notifications gifting them 1,000 Apex Coins.

The community had no answer as to why this happened, with the best joke being that the infamous Destroyer2009 hacker was up to some meddlesome tricks again, although this was just malarkey.

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Other players were quick to say that they had also been given free coins in some kind of Now You See Me charity giveaway from EA. "I got 3300 coins this morning randomly as well..." said one player.

Another (less fortunate) player added, "I randomly got 7000 one day, I didn’t spend it. It was gone the next day."

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The gift might not be what it seems, though, as Apex Legends players have been landing in coin debt as of late, akin to those Fortnite users, and spending these freebies could be quite a risky move if you want to continue buying skins in the game.

So, if you do get a random influx of coins, spend them wisely, as they might get reneged at some point in the future.

Jack Marsh
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