Apex Legends pro demonstrates powerful Crypto & Alter 'meta' combo

Apex Legends pro demonstrates powerful Crypto & Alter 'meta' combo
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Alex Garton


20th May 2024 16:10

Having synergy between characters is absolutely vital in Apex Legends if you're going to create the ultimate hard-carry squad.

Whether it's Revenant Octane from back in the day, or the more recent emergence of Bangalore smokes and Bloodhound scans, combining abilities to get an advantage over your foes is essential.

Well, a new combo may have been discovered involving two unlikely allies, Crypto and the brand-new Legend, Alter. Showcased by Apex pro player Will "TeQ" Starck, it's unbelievably aggressive and can wipe out ratting teams in milliseconds.

Alter & Crypto combo is wiping out teams in Apex Legends

The powerful combo involves a Crypto activating their Ultimate on a team who are hidden in a building. The Alter then creates a portal through the walls or floor to dive onto the enemies and wipe them out in an instant.

One of the most clever parts of this combo is the invulnerability frames you gain while using Alter's Tactical. While the enemy's team takes the full force of Crypto's EMP, the squad with the Alter can time it so they're protected by the void.

This means those using the combo will have full shields when they breach the building, whereas their opponents are left scrambling with just their flesh health available.

Timing is everything with this Alter and Crypto combo though, as if you get hit by the EMP as well, it's simple for the opposing squad to wipe you.

Crypto helmet gold
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As showcased by TeQ though, this breach and clear playstyle can rack you up countless kills, and means there's no safe to hide on any map.

Typically, buildings are safe havens that can be locked down by Caustic and Wattson. This is no longer the case with Alter in the game, and Crypto's EMP is the perfect setup for the slam dunk when the Void Breacher activates her portal.

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Of course, diving into Caustic barrels still makes the fights tough, so anyone looking to pull off this strat will need to be accurate.

However, it'll be interesting to see if this is adopted by any pro teams, as it's certainly an effective way of farming kills.

Alex Garton
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