Apex Legends’ latest cinematic might have just leaked the upcoming District map

Apex Legends’ latest cinematic might have just leaked the upcoming District map
Image via Respawn Entertainment

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Jack Marsh


16th May 2024 17:45

Apex Legends' lore has started to get quite interesting in recent months, and the arrival of Alter to the games has only opened up the characters to more heartbreak and catastrophe.

Much like the relationship between Revenant and Loba, Alter appears to have quite the grudge against Horizon, who is still downtrodden all these years later at the loss of her son.

But as the two spar against each other in the latest Upheaval trailer, if you can take your eyes off the action, you might just be able to spot the next Apex Legends map: District.

Respawn Entertainment could have just confirmed Apex Legends' leaked map District

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Having crash-landed (literally) onto Olympus when she arrived, Horizon knows a thing or two about leading Apex Legends to new maps. It appears that she and Alter are about to take us step-by-step over to District. 

District was first leaked in the back half of April, when leaker "Osvaldatore" shared images of the map on social media. The map appeared to have this doom-and-gloom setting soaked in neon lights.

Which looks pretty similar to that seen in the Upheaval trailer.

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The cinematic also has the characters working out of Humbert Labs (the workplace of Caustic, hence gas), which Osvaldatore leaked to be a POI on District too.


Fans have been quick to notice stark similarities between the areas in the fight scenes and the leaks on Twitter, even noticing the large tower having huge scratches on it - almost as if Horizon's helicopter had crashed into it.

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It's not quite official confirmation that District will be coming, but if it does, the map appears to be quite beautiful, as long as Caustic's gas can be contained.

With Apex Legends now in Season 21, the next major update is predicted to come in August, when District might well be rolled out to the masses.

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