Respawn Entertainment all but confirm Apex Legends Mobile through job listings.

16:10, 30 Sep 2020

Respawn Entertainment are flying at the moment, as it is reported that they are working on Titanfall 3, and are six seasons ahead in Apex Legends, already planning Season 12. 

The developers have now let slip another project that they are working on, which will bring Apex Legends to the palm of your hands. According to Dexerto, through a number of job listings at the company, it appears that Apex Legends Mobile is in the pipelines.

With a currently stagnated player base who are widely anticipating crossplay on the console and PC battle royale, Respawn has opted to hire a number of positions that will focus on the creation of a mobile app, just over a year after EA confirmed that a mobile game was coming.

Some of the vacancies include a "Senior Game Designer", "Technical Designer - MTX Events", and a "Build Engineer", amongst many others, as Respawn looks to build a designated team towards the app. 

In the advert for the Senior Game Designer, the developers describe the position as someone who "will lead the design vision for one of our unannounced mobile games", although the job is listed under the Apex Legends category. Two plus two doesn't always equal four in esports, however, this is as plain as day, Apex Legends Mobile is coming.


Entertainment previously bought a brand new facility for the development of their games, which has rumoured to be both for Titanfall 3 and to further the progression of Apex Legends. This could also be the workplace of the mobile team, who will be looking to compete with the likes of Fortnite and PUBG to attract mobile users around the world.


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Image via Respawn Entertainment | Apple 

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