The world of Titanfall and Apex Legends are drawing even closer, as Kuben Blisk has been leaked as a future legend.

13:05, 30 Sep 2020

Titanfall and Apex Legends are, at the moment, long lost twins separated at birth. The lore of both games has been intertwined since the battle royale was introduced by Respawn Entertainment instead of Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends is part of the bigger Titanfall universe, with many of the same weapons being in both, alongside some of the characters stemming from Titanfall backgrounds such as Bangalore and Pathfinder. 

Bangalore's early lore taught us that she used to be a part of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC), where she operated as a soldier before heading to Kings Canyon. The IMC was also one of two factions in the Titanfall Frontier War, showing a clear connection between the two games. Over the eighteen months since Apex Legends' release fans have continued to piece together a connection between the two, with Kuben Blisk being a common denominator.

The Titanfall character is the man behind the Apex battle royale and appeared in the opening cinematics as the mastermind of the games. However, the first full crossover could fruition, as a leak has indicated that he will be the one of the next Apex Legends to drop into Worlds Edge.

Better image to prove it’s real from r/ApexUncovered

This leak shows the legend selection screen, with seven new characters that are not within the game yet. It hints that "Valk" will be the Season 7 legend, followed by the familiar face that is Blisk in Season 8.

Coming in as a recon character, the Titanfall mercenary looks set to be on his way to our screens again, to try and be the ultimate champion. Back in 2019, Blisk was found in the Apex Legends files with three abilities: Passive: Interrogation, Tactical: Throwing Knife, and Ultimate: Payday.

It's worth noting that this is just a leak, rather than confirmation. Who can forget "Forge", who was leaked as a character before Revenant stole the show?


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Image via Respawn Entertainment 

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