The developers have confirmed that Horizon will receive nerfs.

11:14, 14 Jan 2021

When a new protagonist is thrown into the mix over in the Outlands, legend has it that Kuben Blisk tosses a coin to tempt their fate. Chuckling from his space pad watching the legends go head to head, he calls the game hot drop or flop. Many have lost the toss, landing into the game for the first time as seriously underpowered, such as Loba and Rampart, but with the arrival of Horizon, flop was not an option. Instead, she took the game into her own hands, physically flipping anyone who stands in her way and becoming an instant superstar on Olympus.

After season upon season of Twitch TV's finest putting their armbands on and sweating through hours of Wraith gameplay, Horizon has finally drowned them out and overtaken the voidwalker as the legend with the highest win rate. 

However, last time this happened (with Pathfinder), Respawn Entertainment did everything in their power to make sure Wraith got her crown back, and it looks like it'll happen again.

Live Balance Designer, "JayBieba", of Respawn stated on Reddit that "It’s safe to say she’ll be getting nerfed, but how we do that is important.

"I’m adamant about not gutting her kit; the synergy between her passive and tactical is awesome. Looking at her tactical alone there are all sorts of dials we can turn".


Apex Legends' Season 8 Horizon nerfs have yet to be fully disclosed, although JayBieba continued to say that it could be a range of skills which are tweaked. He said the nerfs could include "vertical lift speed, horizontal speed/acceleration, ejection speed/time, cool down, weapon accuracy", and more.

Their intentions remain to keep Horizon as a powerful choice, as both the Scottish braveheart and Wraith are currently head and shoulders above any other legends. 

With the nerfs definitely on their way, the only question that remains is how severe will they be?



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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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