How to defeat Hinox in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to defeat Hinox in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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13th May 2023 15:10

If you want to defeat one of the Hinox, you’ll need to come prepared for the fight in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Luckily, this guide will tell you out how to take down one of these challenging mini-bosses in the game

How do you defeat Hinox?

To defeat a Hinox in Tears of the Kingdom, you just need to focus on its eye. Breath of the Wild fans will be well-versed in this tactic and good news is that the strategy remains largely the same for the sequel.

Running into melee range straight away is just going to end in heartbreak as the powerful Hinox mercilessly pummels Link into the ground.

The Hinox in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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However, eagle-eyed players might notice that a Hinox has one weak point - its single eye. Make sure you have a couple of arrows and a few bows to hand and fly one straight into its peeper from a distance.

If you hit your target, the Hinox will let out a groan and stumble to the ground. Now’s your chance to deal out some serious damage. Run in with a high-damage melee weapon, like a two-handed sword, and start chopping.

If you want to play defensively, make sure you retreat before the Hinox recovers to avoid its attacks. Once it gets up, repeat the above pattern until its health bar is depleted.

Link standing in front of a defeated Hinox in Tears of the Kingdom
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At some point during the fight, the Hinox may figure out Link’s crafty tactics and cover its eye to stop you from stunning it. Unfortunately for the Hinox, they must have very poor memory, because it uncovers its eye soon enough. Just dodge its club attacks and wait it out before taking another shot.

Certain Hinox throughout Hyrule may fashion themselves some very stylish wooden or metal leg armor. This poses a bit of an issue, seeing as Link is only tall enough to attack their legs.

Lucky for us, they’re no match for Link’s elemental arrows. Set the wood armor alight with a fire arrow, and use an electric arrow to destroy the metal armor. Then the fight is the same as a regular Hinox battle.

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