Where Does Dying Light 2 Take Place?

Where Does Dying Light 2 Take Place?
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8th Feb 2022 13:25

After exploring the city of Villedor, many players may wonder where does Dying Light 2 actually take place? The answer isn't immediately obvious. Dying Light 2's vast open-world has a combination of cultures and historical lore that can make pinning down an exact location tricky. We do know that it takes place somewhere on mainland Europe though, and there are plenty of clues to find in the game which can help narrow down where. So, here's our best answer to where does Dying Light 2 takes place.

Where Does Dying Light 2 Take Place?: Potential Locations 

Where Does Dying Light 2 Take Place?
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While it's true that the exact location of Villedor is a mystery right now, we do at least know that it takes place in mainland Europe. Various important landmarks which are marked on the map contain text that elaborates on the city's history, and one of the dams states it was built with the help of the European Recovery Fund. There are also various churches and cathedrals with clear Catholic inspiration, along with Mosques that highlight the multiculturalism of the city. This is also apparent from the litany of different accents that characters have in the city, which range from across Europe and beyond. 

Pinning it down exactly in Europe is quite difficult due to the range of architectural and cultural inspirations, with Eastern and Central-European design combining to create a unique look. You can find townhouses that resemble the rooftops of Paris, ornate street lamps inspired by Hungary, and buildings with clear Eastern influence. The combination of both Christian and Muslim holy buildings in the city also points toward a potential location nearer to the Balkans, inhabiting the previous territory of the Ottoman Empire. 


While there isn't much direct architectural inspiration from the Iberian Peninsula, the name Villedor does sound more Spanish or Portuguese than Eastern-European too, which could also provide a hint to its location. Ultimately, it seems that the exact location is supposed to be shrouded in mystery for the player, and the concoction of varying cultures, aesthetics, and architectures is a way of reinforcing this.  

We made sure to reach out to Techland for a comment too, but we've received no response yet. That's our best attempt to answer the question - where does Dying Light 2 take place? And now you know the multiple areas of Europe that the city of Villedor could feasibly be located in.

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