Dying Light 2 Hoverboard: How To Find The Secret Parkour Challenge

Dying Light 2 Hoverboard: How To Find The Secret Parkour Challenge
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10th Feb 2022 10:49

There is a Dying Light 2 hoverboard Easter egg that allows players to take part in a secret parkour challenge, and it makes for a fun distraction from zombie killing. Dying Light 2 has a litany of secrets, with weapons, clothing, and even a developer room that players can hunt down across Villedor. There are also some special challenges, one of which lets you float across water in a sci-fi hoverboard, but how do you start it? Here's our walkthrough to find the Dying Light 2 hoverboard challenge.

Dying Light 2 Hoverboard: Starting The Challenge

Dying Light 2 Hoverboard
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The process for finding the Dying Light 2 hoverboard challenge begins on Saint Paul Island at the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle. If you make your way into the church through the side doors and begin climbing, you will come into a large dark room. Climb up the scaffolding with the nearby ladder, then use the rope swing to jump to the chandelier and then onto a balcony. 

From here, you make your way through a blocked door, take a right, and you will come into a room with a generator that can be interacted with. You need to do a cable puzzle, so grab the cable from the generator and climb up the tower until you get to the same floor as the bell. Plug the cable into the generator inside the tower, and continue to climb until you arrive in the room with a radio. Listen to the radio and a cutscene will play, and when it ends, a hoverboard will spawn on your right. There is also an Inhibitor inside this room for playing looking for the Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations


You can interact with the hoverboard, but it will disappear. Use your survivor sense to follow the tracks that will spawn, and you will come across a hoverboard leaning against a building and then another one on the bridge to Muddy Grounds. You will then be directed to the final hoverboard which is in a car boot, and from there you can begin the parkour challenge. Like the rest of the challenges, you can earn medals based on your time, and also XP for parkour. 

That's all for our walkthrough for starting the Dying Light 2 hoverboard challenge, and now you know how to activate the challenge and then start it.

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