Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working: How To Fix The Survivor Sense Bug

Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working: How To Fix The Survivor Sense Bug
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Tarran Stockton


10th Feb 2022 11:53

For many players, the Dying Light 2 survivor sense not working is causing some issues and prohibiting them from doing certain things.

In Dying Light 2, the survivor sense is an echolocation-like ability that you can use to highlight nearby loot, tracks to follow, and enemies. Many aspects of the game are designed around it, so when it stops working correctly, it can be detrimental, but there are some ways to fix it. So, here are a few methods if the Dying Light 2 survivor sense is not working for you. 

Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working: Fixing The Bug

Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working
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If you should find that your survivor sense isn't working as it should, you can employ a few ways to fix it, and we'll focus on the ways that you can sort it in-game first. Firstly, sometimes enemies can stop you using it if you are technically in combat, so make sure you are clear of any opponents with aggro towards you. This is an inconsistent method, as sometimes it does work in combat still, but it's worth trying first. 

Another quick method to fix the problem is to use your menus. Either pause the game or go into the inventory menus for several seconds, and it may help make the survivor sense work again. This is because sometimes items and lootable equipment don't load in or render correctly, and with such a big world, it takes some tinkering to fix.

Walking in circles and just dashing around the nearby area can also fix it if items aren't loaded in properly, as it again prompts items to spawn in.


Also, sometimes the survivor sense isn't necessarily broken, and instead, just needs you to hit the button a few times to work like normal. If none of these previous methods work, you may need to take the drastic action of reloading your save, or restarting the game entirely. It's a last resort and not the type of fix you will want to employ when you're enjoying a gaming session, but it's preferable to being unable to play correctly. 

That's all for our primer on how to fix your Dying Light 2 survivor sense not working, and now you know a few methods to ensure it doesn't break on you mid-game.

If you are experiencing any other issues in-game, we have a rundown of how to fix the Dying Light 2 Audio Bug.


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