Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons: How To Find All Secret Weapons

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons: How To Find All Secret Weapons
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9th Feb 2022 11:33

There are a number of Dying Light 2 Easter egg weapons that can be found across Villedor, and they range in quality and strangeness.

Dying Light 2 has a huge world to explore, and there are many secrets to discover across the map, but many players will want to know about the hidden weapons. There are quite a few that have already been discovered, with no doubt more to go, so here is a list of the Dying Light 2 Easter egg weapons.

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons: Cyber Hands 2177

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons Cyber Hands 2177
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We've covered this one separately (Dying Light 2 Cyber Hands 2177 Weapon) but it's quite simple to earn, even though it has a high crafting cost. Take the elevator up to the top of the VNC Tower in Garrison, and paraglide south toward the skyscraper with the Military Airdrop THB-UT0 on the roof. Once you land, walk toward the east side of the roof, and there should be a man standing there next to a fire. Talk to him, and at the end of the conversation, the blueprint for the Cyber Hands 2177 will appear in a box on the floor.

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons: The Left Finger Of GloVa

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons Left Finger of gloVa
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This next also requires you to travel toward the top of the VNC Tower, and once again paraglide to the same building that you found the previous weapon. There will be a generator on the roof you can interact with to grab the cable, drop down two floors, and insert the cable.

Repeat this process two more times as you travel down the building, and eventually, the last generator should activate a door that can be opened with the GRE key. Head inside to the developer room, and turn right and into the bedroom with the teddy bears. Sit down and wait for the blueprint for the weapon to spawn in front of you. You can also earn the Dying Light 2 Korek Charm in this dev room.


Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons: Pan Of Destiny 

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons Pan Of Destiny
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The Pan of Destiny is a reward for taking part in the Space Cock side quest. Travel to the southeast corner of the Newfound Lost Lands where the large antenna and Renegade stronghold is. Head into the building and interact with a large grate on the floor, so you can swim underwater. Once you are underwater, follow the route and climb two ladders, then a yellow pipe, and then continue taking the stairs up.

You'll eventually reach a poster of a chicken where you can enter "the escape" and talk to an alien chicken. It will ask you to find spaceship parts for the quest, and upon finishing it, you gain the Pan of Destiny.

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons: Everyone Can Play!

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons Everyone Can Play!
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Our next Dying Light 2 Easter egg weapon is a little different from the rest, and also succeeds in being practically useless - but it's a cool secret to find.

In the very north of the Trinity area, there is a football field swarming with zombies. Kill them, find the actual football on the field, and then kick it into the net. Fast-travel out of the area and return to do the same thing nine more times, so that a dancing zombie appears. You can kill the zombie to spawn a treasure chest, and find the blueprint for Everyone Can Play! inside. It's a throwable football that bounces around.

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons: Dying Force

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons Dying Force
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Dying Force is a reference to Star Wars and everyones favourite villain - Darth Vader. It can be earned in the secret DOOM Easter egg level, which you can activate by following our Dying Light 2 duck locations guide. If you are familiar with the original DOOM level E1M1, then you have to go to the outside secret area. This can be done by following the level until you get into a room with a zigzag path and green liquid surrounding it. Go toward the door at the end of that room, and interact with the right wall just past it to unlock a secret path outside. The Dying Force blueprint can be found in the middle of this outside area, and is a weapon you can use to force choke enemies. 

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Weapons: Mistress Sword

Dying light 2 Easter Egg Weapons Mistress Sword
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The next weapon can also be earned in the secret DOOM level, but is a little easier to find than the Dying Force gun. Once again, go to the room with the zigzag path through the green liquid, but hug the left wall this time and carry on until you go into a hallway. There will be an exploding infected in front of you to take out, and then the Mistress Sword blueprint can be found on top of a box in the right corner, toward the end of the hall. 

That's all for the current Dying Light 2 Easter egg weapons but check back as more are uncovered and added to this list.

If you've found any safes and are struggling to open them, check out Dying Light 2 Safe Locations and Codes.


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