How To Fast Travel In Dying Light 2

How To Fast Travel In Dying Light 2
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28th Jan 2022 10:13

The Dying Light 2 fast travel system can be a little confusing at first, and takes roughly several hours before you can activate it. Dying Light 2 takes place in the large, post-apocalyptic city of Villedor, which is divided into numerous zones and requires travel in the metro tunnels to reach certain areas. With a comprehensive parkour system, you won't always need to utilise it, but for travelling across the longest sections of the city, it can be imperative for reaching safety before night. So, here's our primer on how to fast travel in Dying Light 2.

How To Fast Travel In Dying Light 2: Metro Stations 

Dying Light 2 Fast Travel
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The main method to fast travel in Dying Light 2 is by utilising the various metro stations which are dotted around the city. On the map, they are marked by a logo of a train and a little electricity symbol, and initially they cannot be accessed after being discovered. If you do try to walk into one, it will display a message saying the activity is unavailable until the electricity is enabled. This ties into an important mechanic that becomes available later in the game, where you can activate electrical substations in the city to provide power to zones. 

The first time you unlock the fast travel option is during the quest named A Place To Call Home. After travelling to the Central Loop you will discover the Downtown Court metro station, and once you climb the stairs into the main station, a message pops up letting you know you have the ability to fast travel. This doesn't unlock all fast travelling though, and like we mentioned above, you will need to activate the electrical substation in a zone to be allowed to use its metro station. 

All metro stations are populated by either infected or Renegades, which need to be cleared out before it can make for a useful fast travel point, and base. The Renegades need to be killed before you can activate the power, but zombies will clear out once the lights come back on, so you can just sneak past them. Some stations will require you to descend further into an elevator shaft, so you can activate some generators underground. Once this is done, you flip the main switch, and the metro station will become a new safe house and fast travel point. You also get a single Inhibitor for your hard work.

That's our rundown on how to fast travel in Dying Light 2, and now you should understand the system, including how to activate the metro stations and use them.

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