What is an Elite Raid in Pokemon GO?

What is an Elite Raid in Pokemon GO?
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7th Mar 2023 15:21

With the launch of Pokemon GO Season 10: Rising Heroes, Elite Raids have made a return to the mobile game. However, not everyone is 100% certain what they are and how they differ from a normal raid. Here is everything you need to know in this guide answering the question "what is an Elite Raid in Pokemon GO?". 

What is an Elite Raid in Pokemon GO?

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Rejoining from the Rising Heroes season, Elite Raids in Pokemon GO are more difficult versions of standard raids and only occur during certain events. Not only must Elite Raids be conducted in person, which is unfortunate news for Remote Raid Pass holders, but each Raid Boss will only be present for 30 minutes after hatching from its egg. 

Whilst these special Raid Eggs will take 24 hours to hatch after appearing on the map, giving you at least some notice - you'll need to organise your raid party beforehand if you're deadset on acquiring an Elite Raid's featured Pokemon. 

At the time of writing, the Elite Raid Pokemon GO bosses we know of are the newly arrived legendary Pokemon, Regidrago and Regieleki - the respective Dragon and Electric-type members of the Legendary Titan family with Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. 

As of the dates for these raids, Regidrago will appear in Elite Raids on Saturday, 11 March 2023. Meanwhile, Regieleki will appear in Pokemon GO Elite Raids on Sunday, 9 April 2023. 

Due to the high level of difficulty of Pokemon GO Elite Raids, it's recommended you only take one of these bosses on with raid parties of 3-4 high-levelled players. 

That's all you need to know from our guide answering "What is an Elite Raid in Pokemon GO?". For more tips on what's new in the game, take a look at how to unlock Professor Willow's Wardrobe for your avatar. Alternatively, have a peek at where you can pre-order the Pokemon GO Plus +.

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