“Catch me if you can!” This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Octrain.

18:30, 13 Mar 2021

Octavio “Octane” Silva was the first Legend added to Apex Legends outside of the base game starter characters. Octane’s always been a fairly popular Legend dating back to Season 1, but a recent string of buffs has raised his viability to new levels. It’s safe to say that Octane is now one of the strongest Legends in the game.

With his newfound rise in popularity, now’s the perfect time to catch up on the Octrain. Octane is the number one choice for fast-paced gameplay in both Standard and Ranked Modes. 

Whether you’re new to Octane, an Octane main, or just someone that wants to understand the ins and outs of Octane, this guide will dive deep into every feature of the masked daredevil. We’ll run through all of Octane’s abilities, cover the pros and the cons, and provide some tips and tricks that even Octane mains themselves may not have known about. As Octane would say, what are you waiting for? Let's do this!

Passive - Swift Mend

Octane’s Passive ability is very simple and to the point. While not taking damage, Octane heals one health every second.

Swift Mend is a nice perk to have, but it’s not game-changing. Octane players will still need to carry around Syringes and Med Kits. Using Octane’s Tactical ability will deplete health, so Swift Mend is a way to even things out.


Octane is the perfect Legend to send back into the ring to loot and revive fallen teammates. Octane players can take their time knowing that their health will regenerate naturally. During downtime, Octane players should just let their health come back on its own and save healing items for later.

Tactical - Stim

Faster, faster, faster! Octane’s Tactical ability increases walk speed by 30% and run speed by 40% for six seconds. Stim will also reduce and remove slow effects. Stim has just a two-second cooldown, but each use of Stim reduces Octane’s health by 12. However, activating Stim will never drop Octane’s health below one HP.

At its core, Octane’s Tactical ability is simple. Activating Stim will grant Octane a temporary speed boost in exchange for health. Obviously, this is great for moving location to location faster and looting faster. However, Stim has a couple of really interesting uses that can turn the tide of combat.


First off, activating Stim during a fight will allow Octane players to strafe at rapid speeds. Octane can move back and forth, dodging shots like it’s nothing. A skilled Octane is one of the most difficult opponents to beat in a 1v1. Most players aren’t used to fighting a speed-boosted Octane. An Octane that knows how to juke in a gunfight can wreak havoc on an underprepared squad.

Octane is known for his aggressive nature and the ability to push fights and flank with ease. But, people don’t typically think about his strength in running away from fights. Octane is a pro at escaping a bad position. Caught between a rock and a hard place? Pop a Stim and book it. A Stimmed up Octane is the fastest character in the game. Enemy squads will never catch you if you run and don’t look back.


A final little-known hint involving Octane is the ability to Stim while shielding and healing. Injecting a Stim will allow Octane to move faster in the standard heal animation. This can be critical when trying to heal and make it to cover at the same time. This is particularly useful when using a Med Kit or Phoenix Kit. Remember, Octane loses health after every Stim. Using one just before a Med Kit or Phoenix Kit will counter this downside.

Don't run off on your own!

It’s worth noting that generally, Octane players have a bad rep for abandoning their teammates. Some Octanes will use Stim to rush ahead of their squad. Usually, this results in Octane getting stuck in a 1v3 and two angry teammates.

While playing as Octane, don’t get carried away with the need for speed. Use Stim sparingly. Stim is great for flanking enemies, catching up to your team, and other support-oriented uses. Using Stim to rush ahead and take on fights solo is a recipe for disaster.

How To Use Octane Apex Legends

Ultimate - Launch Pad

Octane’s Launch Pad recently received a huge buff. The result has been a massive influx of Octane players. Everyone’s using the speedy daredevil now.

As the name suggests, Octane’s Launch Pad is capable of launching players high and far. Players can run into the Launch Pad to go along a high arc or slide into the Launch Pad to be sent farther and more horizontal. Additionally, players can double jump while in the air. Launch Pad has a short 60-second cooldown.


Octane’s Ultimate is an incredible tool for players with an aggressive style. Sometimes you’ll down a player across the map, but there’s no way to finish them before they get revived. With a Launch Pad, you can soar across large distances and close in on enemies before they can revive or heal up. Similarly, Launch Pad is great for third-partying fights, rotating, and even escaping dangerous situations. Though, enemies can always use your own Launch Pad to chase you.


Octane’s Launch Pad is so good, that it’s become the focus of a new team composition running rampant in Ranked Mode. Players will use Octane and Revenant together to create a horrifying combination. 

First, Revenant will deploy his Death Totem. Next, Octane will throw out his Launch Pad, and the team will full-send at the nearest enemy squad. The Octane/Revenant team will use this as an opportunity to hunt kills with no risk. If you die as a shadow, you simply get sent back to the Totem. From here, Octane and Revenant can decide to go finish the fight or heal up and reset. This is an extremely effective and aggressive strategy that can lead to major kill points in Ranked Mode.

Octane’s Launch Pad is not without its quirky uses either. The Launch Pad can be used to block doorways, and grenades can be bounced off of it if you’re one for trickshots. Also, walking up right next to the Launch Pad and pressing melee will send your Legend straight up vertically into the air. This is a cool technique to gain a vantage point and maybe reach a particularly high spot.

Octane Guide Apex

Octavio Silva is the fast-paced player's dream. Octane’s kit is tailored specifically for players in search of non-stop aggression. Octane’s abilities are simple on the surface but require a good bit of strategy to use effectively. Use this guide to master the unrelenting daredevil of Apex Legends.



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