Weird West Olvidado Pueblo: How To Find The Olvidado Pueblo Gold Mine

Weird West Olvidado Pueblo: How To Find The Olvidado Pueblo Gold Mine
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7th Apr 2022 14:50

The Weird West Olvidado Pueblo location is a ghost town that you will need to access during the third episode of the game that follows Across Rivers, the Lost Fire Nation Protector. Weird West has many supernatural and mysterious elements mixed in with its western theme, but it's not always straight forward how to progress through some of these sections. So, for a breakdown of how to find the Weird West Olvidado Pueblo location, we've got you covered. 

Weird West Olvidado Pueblo: Finding The Hidden Town

Weird West Olvidado Pueblo puzzle
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Olvidado Pueblo is a main story location during the third episode, so you will have to make your way here after collecting the three bracelets during your quest to find Wiindigo. The location is marked on the world map, so initially getting there isn't an issue, but once you arrive, it just looks like a largely empty field. 

If you move forward from where you spawn in at this location, you'll eventually get to a faint brick road with a dead tree on the left and some rocks on the right. This place is the key to finding the real Olvidado Pueblo, and you'll need to solve a simple puzzle, the solution to which can be gained from looking at the three bracelets in your inventory. Basically, you just need to stand still for roughly five seconds on the brick road, and then you'll be transported to the town. You'll also know you are in the correct place, as there is some background music that gets noticeably louder as you get closer to the spot.  

Weird West Olvidado Pueblo: Accessing The Mine  

Weird West Olvidado Pueblo lever
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Once you are in the actual town of Olvidado Pueblo, you will want to continue to follow the road ahead until arriving at the large building with bricked up windows and doors. Make your way to the right side, and go up the stairs onto the balcony. You'll be able to jump onto the roof from here by using a nearby box, and there will be a chimney stack you interact with. Using a rope you can climb down and get onto the second floor of the building. 

Begin to make your way through this area, either killing or sneaking past the enemies, and you'll come to a room with wooden boards blocking a hole in the floor. Break these and drop down onto the main floor of the building. Continue following the corridors to a room with a piano in the middle. Instead of going into here, continue down the corridor and climb the nearby stairs into a room with an intractable lever. 


This will lower a series of bars in the room with the piano that you can enter through to get to the door leading to the mine. There is also another lever here that will open the nearby door, so you can enter the building with more ease next time. You won't be able to enter the mine yet, as the quest will direct you back to the West Standing Woman, but from there it's straight forward, and you'll be able to take on Wiindigo. 

That's our walkthrough of how to find the Weird West Olvidado Pueblo location, and now you can solve the puzzle and make your way through the large building to find the gold mine entrance.

Have you discovered the Weird West Secret Stash? Make sure to track it down for the rewards, such as a Golden Ace of Spades. 


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